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Reflection on Story: The Mountain is No Longer An Obstacle to My Home

By Yueyue

The foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains

The foolish old man removes the mountains”, is well known by many people in China since childhood. Today, the protagonist causes an argument: Is he a fool or not? Both sides stick to their opinions. Pro: Where should he put the stones and soil when digging up the mountains? Ignoring objective laws and conditions, he removed the mountain and filled up the sea. It could destroy the ecosystem of the mountains and the sea. These effects could be disastrous. How foolish he was! Con: The foolish old man could confront with hardships in life, and not avoid them. It would not only solve the problem of “entering and exiting”, but create wide stretch of land. He was very clever. I formerly hover between these two contrasting opinions. I have no clue whether he is wise or not.

Until later, I read God’s word, “In regard to the great mountain and the little stream, what is the mountain? Living things flourish on the mountain so there is value to its existence by itself. At the same time, the mountain blocks the little stream, ensuring that it does not flow wherever it wants and thereby bring disaster to the people. Isn’t that right? By virtue of the mountain’s existence, it allows living things like the trees and grasses and all the other plants and animals on the mountain to flourish while also directing where the little stream flows; the mountain gathers up the waters of the stream and guides them naturally around its foot where they may flow into the river and eventually the sea. The rules that are in place here were not made by nature, but instead were especially arranged by God at the time of creation. As for the great mountain and the fierce wind, the mountain, too, needs the wind. The mountain needs the wind to caress the living things that live upon it, and at the same time the mountain restricts how hard the fierce wind may blow so that it does not overwhelm and devastate. This rule holds, in a way, the duty of the great mountain, so did this rule regarding the mountain’s duty take form on its own? (No.) It was instead made by God. The great mountain has its own duty and the fierce wind has its duty as well. Now, about the great mountain and the huge wave, without the mountain being there would the water find a direction of flow on its own? (No.) The water would also overwhelm and devastate. The mountain has its own value as a mountain, and the sea has its own value as a sea. In this way, under these circumstances where they each do not interfere with one another and where they are able to exist together normally, they also restrict one another; the great mountain restricts the sea so that it does not flood and thus it protects the people’s homes, and this also allows the sea to nurture the living things that dwell within it. Did this landscape take form on its own? (No.) It was also created by God. We see from these images that when God created the universe, He predetermined where the mountain would stand, where the stream would flow, from which direction the fierce wind would begin to blow and where it would go, as well as how high the huge waves would be. God’s intentions and purpose are held within all of these things and they are His deeds. Now, can you see that God’s deeds are present in all things? (Yes.)” (“God Himself, the Unique VII”). From these words, we can see that everything in the natural world is created by God. God’s will and wisdom are in whatever He created. Take the mountain for example, we know that where there is mountain, there is water. There’s a stream flowing slowly at the foot of the mountain. Meantime, the mountain keeps the stream from flowing all over the place where it could flood. The mountain protects the stream, and acts as a barrier. The stream flows into the river and then the sea under the mountain’s leading. In some places, there’s rolling sea at the foot of the mountain. Because the mountain blocks the sea, the sea couldn’t get over the mountain, which protects mankind’s home and the living environment of all things in the sea. In addition, the mountain is like a filter for the wind, taking the fierce wind and cutting it down into a slight breeze. The fierce wind would bring harm to our life. For example, we would be blown into the air and the houses would be destroyed by the fierce wind. Then the fierce wind could become a disaster. Because of the mountain, the fierce wind turns into a slight breeze, which is beneficial for us… We can see that a mountain can play an important part in the environment, and especially that mankind benefits most from the existence of the mountain. Our survival environment is protected by God’s wondrous arrangement. Thus, everything created by God is full of His wisdom and His protection for mankind.

Then, I kept reading, “Each corner of the environment, the length and breadth of the earth, and every living thing on the earth—both the living and dead—were prepared by God and He thought through them: Why is this thing needed? Why is that unnecessary? What is the purpose of having this thing here and why should that go there? God had already thought all this through and there is no need for people to think about them. All of God’s creation is so perfect! There are some foolish people who are always thinking about moving mountains, but instead of doing that, why not move to the plains? If you don’t like mountains, why would you go live by them? Isn’t this foolish? What happens if you move that mountain? A hurricane will blow through or a huge wave will wash over and the people’s homes will be destroyed. Wouldn’t that be a foolish thing to do? Right? (Yes.) … Mankind tends toward destruction; mankind is not only unable to preserve the things as God created them, he has actually destroyed them. Mankind has reduced the mountains to rubble, choked the seas with earth, and turned the plains into deserts where none can live. Yet there in the desert man has made industry and built nuclear bases and destruction prevails in all directions. The rivers are no longer rivers, the sea no longer the sea, they are filled to the brim with pollution. When mankind breaks the balance and the rules of nature, their day of disaster and death is not far away and is inevitable. When the disaster comes, you will know how precious God’s creation is and how important all of it is for mankind; mankind is beginning to wake up to this fact. You see, man living in an environment with a fine climate is like being in paradise. People do not realize this blessing, but the moment they lose it all they will see how rare and precious all of it is” (“God Himself, the Unique VII”). After reading that, I can understand God’s careful planning, consideration, and arrangements in His creation of all things for mankind. God has already determined how many kilometers the radius of a mountain is, what its scope is and what is the quantity of water in rivers and lakes. Everything God has created is good. However, we can’t just conscientiously stay in the environment that God has already created, but want to change and break the laws of all things. Finally, we destroy the ecological balance. Was not it self-destruction? It is enough to prove that the foolish old man’s action is not wise but extremely stupid. He didn’t know the intention of God creating all things. Instead, he foolishly wanted to remove the mountain and broke the survival environment that God has prepared for us mankind. If there were no mountains in that place, the water would rise and flow about everywhere. Then mankind could not survive. Removing the mountains would bring about disasters instead of blessings. Hence, what he did is foolish and the most absurd.

Nowadays, like the foolish old man, a bunch of people don’t realize that every single thing God created is indispensable and valuable. They keep destroying and developing, vainly dreaming of turning mountains into flat land, filling up canyons… Besides, “reclaiming land from lakes”, “leveling the hills” and other “great innovations” have resulted in lake shrinkage, soil erosion and degradation. Mankind’s survival is under threat. Now, the destruction of survival environment has awakened us, and “saving the planet” becomes the strong voice of the world. The experts warn that the irreversible impact is coming home to roost after excessive land reclamation: Reclaiming land from the ocean like crazy today, restoring the ocean in high price tomorrow. Egged on by Satan, we pursue to achieve “great innovation” one after another and want to be remembered hundreds of years. If we wantonly keep destroying our beautiful homeland that God created for us, then we will fall into disaster. It’s a foregone conclusion that we will approach ruination.

Then what should we do when facing the destroyed survival environment? God says, “How would one get all of this back? What could people do if God was unwilling to create it again? What could you do? (We could do nothing.) Actually, there is something you can do and it’s very simple and when I tell you what it is you’ll immediately know that it is feasible. Why has man found himself in his current environmental predicament? Is it because of man’s greed and destruction? If man ends this destruction, won’t the living environment gradually right itself? If God does nothing, if God no longer wishes to do anything for mankind—that is to say, He doesn’t want to intervene—the best method would be for mankind to stop this destruction and return things to how they were. Putting an end to all this destruction means to stop the plundering and devastation of the things God has created. This will allow the environment where man lives to gradually improve. Failure to do so will result in further destruction of the environment and it will only become more serious” (“God Himself, the Unique VII”). God’s words show us the answer. To restore the destroyed survival environment, the best and simplest solution is to stop the destruction and go back to nature. I have to say, if the foolish old man lived in this age, he would reflect after seeing the disastrous consequences of removing the mountains.

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