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The Countenance of the Kingdom’s King Is Glorious Beyond Compare

God has made a new beginning on Earth, so on Earth He has found His glory. The final prospect is so beauteous God cannot keep the pride in His breast from swelling. God’s heart is beating, and the hills leap for joy in time. The waters dance merrily, and the waves keep time, slapping against the rocks. God’s heart is ineffable. From this we see, what God plans is just what He has made, is what He’s foreordained, and asks that man should experience, that man should see.

The kingdom’s prospect is great, it’s King victorious. From head to foot He has no flesh or blood. Holiness makes up His whole part. From Him radiates a holy luster, mixed with no jot of human will. He is filled with righteousness, with the breath of heaven, gives off a bewitching scent, like the beloved in the “Song of Songs.” Lovelier than the assembled saints, loftier than the saints of old, an exemplar for all mankind. Man is unfit to compare with Him, unworthy to look Him in the face. God’s glorious countenance, God’s face, and God’s image, are ever unattainable to man. None may compare with God, none can lightly praise God, praise God with his mouth.

from “The Interpretation of the Twelfth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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