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Thank You Jesus (You Rescued Me)- Hillsong Worship – Praise Song

Editors’ note:

In our daily life, we always rush about for the sake of our flesh and are bothered by trifles. Somewhere along the line, we no longer feel grateful for God’s grace and have no place for God in our heart. Only when we live in darkness, pain and helplessness do we remember that God is waiting and that He has always been at our side.

God says, “The love of God extends forth like the water of a spring, and is given to you, and to me, and to him, and to all those who truly seek the truth and await the appearance of God.” God’s grace for us is untold. When we are grateful for God’s grace and truly feel God’s love for us, we are always moved by His love. It is God’s love that distinguishes us as holy, so that we obtain a new life from God. Thinking of this, we couldn’t help but express endless praise to God.


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Grace that flows like a river
Washing over me
Fount of heaven love of Christ
Overflow in me


Thank You Jesus
You set me free
Christ my Saviour
You rescued me


Take this life delivered
A vessel of Your love
Wholly now devoted
To see Your kingdom come


You’ve given me life
You’ve opened my eyes
I love You Lord
I love You Lord
You’ve entered my heart
You’ve set me apart
I love You Lord
I love You Lord

CCLI: 7004672
Words And Music By Matt Crocker & Hannah Hobbs
© 2014 Hillsong Music Publishing

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