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Matthew 16:24 – Take Up the Cross and Follow God

Then said Jesus to his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

– Matthew 16:24

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse is Jesus’ demand of His followers and contains His will. From olden times to today, many people follow Jesus, and each of them has different views toward pursuit. Some people’s belief in God is only to obtain grace, having a good job and a happy family, and not having to worry about food or clothes; some people believe in God in order to be healed; some forsake everything and run and work for God, only for being rewarded and gaining the crown one day. … In my belief in God, I also want to obtain grace. Though I perform duty, I am impure and I wish everything goes well, not to suffer too much, and can enter the heavenly kingdom in the future. God tells us that whoever wants to be His followers must drop their expectations and take up the cross to follow Him. Also, they need to practice according to His demands, no matter what trials or tribulation they are undergoing, they should strengthen their faith. When Peter followed Jesus, he set aside all that he had and gave no consideration to whether he gained or lost prospect, he wholeheartedly strived for loving God and knowing God. Although he endured multiple refinements, he gradually shed corrupt disposition. God’s words became the basis of his existence, and his love of God was more and more pure, and ultimately he became one who was after God’s heart. Peter’s life is of the utmost significance. He is the model for us to follow.

In addition, Jesus’ demands of us are also His expectations of us. All those that do not accord with our will and require us to suffer or be refined possess God’s good intentions and what we should achieve. Just as God’s words say, “Love that has experienced refinement is strong, and not weak. Regardless of when or how God subjects you to His trials, you are able to care not whether you live or die, to gladly cast aside everything for God, and to happily endure anything for God—and thus your love will be pure, and your faith real. Only then will you be someone who is truly loved by God, and who has truly been made perfect by God.


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