Offspring’s Marriage Is Not in Parents’ Control

Most of the parents fret over and want to control their offspring’s marriage, but can they really make it?

How to Relate Well to Daughter-in-law?

The mother-in-law disapproved of her daughter-in-law’s way of life, and there was some misunderstanding between them. Let’s see how the author related to her daughter-in-law when she was faced wit

Mom, I Don’t Hate You Now

She thought being abandoned by her mom caused her misfortune and pain of these years. However, because of God’s salvation, she not only got over the pain but also laid down the grudge when they met

How to Resolve My Hatred to Unfaithful Father

Her young mind was overshadowed by her father’s unfaithfulness. Under God’s words guidance, she identified the means with which Satan abused man, laid aside her hatred and got over the pain.

A Tiger Mom’s Transforming

My son was painful and even distant from me for I taught him with the tiger mom parenting style. However, when I taught him according to God’s words, I got unexpected blessings.

Quarrel Between Stepfather and Me Has Finally Been Settled

I often quarreled with my stepfather for trivia and was estranged from him. When my family nearly cracked, God came to the rescue, and our relationship improved.

The First Apology From Father to Son After Twenty Years

A tough father made his first apology to his son after twenty years. What on earth has happened? How did he change?

I Don't Need to Worry About My Son's Education Anymore

by Zhien The most painful thing for my husband and me was that we didn’t know how to educate our son. We only wished that he could take the right path and conduct himself well and wouldn’t lear

My Love For My Son Has A Direction

By Cui Liu One day, I heard the news: “A sophomore at a high school jumped from his house on the fifth floor because his mother brought so much pressure to bear on him to study hard that he fel