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The Church of Almighty God

An Understanding of Being Saved

Lin Qing    Qingzhou City, Shandong Province Over these several years of following God, I have given up the enjoyments of my family and the flesh, and I have been busy all day fulfilling my duty in the church. So I believed: As long as I don’t abandon the work..

The Difference Between Following God and Following People

Relevant Words of God: Of principal importance in following God is that everything should be according to the actual words of God: Whether you are pursuing entry into life or the fulfillment of God’s will, everything should be centered around the actual words of God. If what you commune and..

How to Believe in God to Be Saved and Perfected?

Relevant Words of God: Though many people believe in God, few understand what faith in God means, and what they must do to be after God’s heart. This is because, though people are familiar with the word “God” and phrases such as “the work of God,” they do not know..

I’m Rejoiceful to Obey the Creator’s Arrangement

I’m very short. From my childhood, I felt inferior because of my physical defect, and I complained against my mother why she did not take plentiful nutrition when she carried me in her womb, and why my family was so poor that I couldn’t eat and drink enough meat, eggs,..

Those Who Obey God in Simplicity Will Be Blessed

Those Who Obey God in Simplicity Will Be Blessed

John 20:26-29 record: “And after eight days again his disciples were within, and Thomas with them: then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the middle, and said, Peace be to you. Then said he to Thomas, Reach here your finger, and behold my hands; and reach here your hand,..

God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together – God’s Word

In the beginning, God was resting. There were no humans or anything else upon the earth at that time, and God had not done any work whatsoever. God only began His management work once humanity existed and once humanity had been corrupted. From this point on, God no longer rested..

God’s Word “The Truly Obedient Shall Surely Be Gained by God”

The work of the Holy Spirit changes from day to day, rising higher with each step; the revelation of tomorrow becomes even higher than today’s, step by step climbing ever higher. Such is the work by which God perfects man. If man cannot keep pace, then he may be forsaken..