God’s righteous disposition

Almighty God’s Word Led Me Out of the Bondage of Sin (III)

Almighty God’s Word Led Me Out of the Bondage of Sin (III) Li Xue Sister Zhou passed me the book of God’s word, and said, “Sister Li, could you please read these words for us?” I took the book and read carefully, “In the last days, Christ uses a variety..

Change the World | Official Trailer “Chinese Choir Episode 13”

In the beginning, man possessed no truth. Later, he was beguiled by Satan into betraying God, and thereafter has lived tragically in the human hell of utter darkness. It is even more so in China—the old world ruled by the evil forces of the great red dragon. In order to..

God Himself, the Unique II

God’s Righteous Disposition Now that you have listened to the previous fellowship about God’s authority, I am confident that you are equipped with quite an array of words on the matter. How much you can accept, grasp and understand all depends on how much effort you will apply to it...

God Himself, the Unique (III) God’s Authority (2) (Part One)

God Himself, the Unique III

God’s Authority (II) Today we will continue our fellowship about the topic of “God Himself, the Unique.” We have already had two fellowships on this subject, the first concerning God’s authority, and the second concerning God’s righteous disposition. After listening to these two fellowships, have you gained a new understanding..