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15 Bible Verses For Faith in Hard Times

15 Bible Verses for Faith in Hard Times

The Lord Jesus’ words make us realize the preciousness of faith. Our life is not a bed of roses, God will arrange many environments to refine us in order to let us grow and become stronger. But due to our little faith, many times we encounter frustration, we stop our..

Faith in God

Fear the Difficulties? Remember: God Is Here

By Xinnuo Xinnuo is a co-worker of the church. Despite her young age, she is an old believer, who attended meetings with her mother at an early age. Because of her enthusiasm and active pursuit, she was chosen as a deacon before graduation and began to work in the church...

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Mother and Son’s Reunion After Eight Years

Because of the CCP’s persecution, He Ying was forced to separate from her son for eight years and could not go back home. She entrusted her son unto God and continued spreading the gospel. Meeting her son again eight years later, she was ecstatic to see God’s blessings...

Faith in God

Setbacks Are the Admission to Success

by Xile I remember a story I once read: A man of profound learning was always complaining that God didn’t give him the opportunity of becoming famous. Later, God told him the reason for his failure. It turned out that although a learned man, he didn’t make a deep study..

Faith in God