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The Mankind Living Under God’s Authority

The Mankind Living Under God’s Authority Mankind, who lives among all things, has been corrupted and deceived by Satan, but he still can’t forgo the water made by God, and the air and all things made by God. Mankind still lives and proliferates in this space created by God. Mankind..

All Things Show Forth God’s Authority

It was winter when I moved to the landlord’s house. The landlord’s backyard was very messy, in which there was a peach tree among the blighted weeds. Because of the cold weather, the peach tree was bare and looked unattractive. I thought: This peach tree looks so ugly. Can it bring..

Only God, Who Has the Identity of the Creator, Possesses the Unique Authority

The “special” identity of Satan has caused many people to exhibit a strong interest in its manifestations of various aspects. There are even many foolish people who believe that, as well as God, Satan is also possessed of authority, for Satan is capable of showing miracles, and is capable of..

A Pair of Hands

From the earliest epoch of our conscious life, every one of us marveled at this wonderful world: blue sky, beautiful aurora, changeable clouds, alternate seasons of the year, and living beings in varied shapes…. While enjoying all these beautiful things, we couldn’t help getting lost in curiosity and thinking about..

You Must Know the Aim of the Three Stages of God’s Work.

Relevant Words of God: The aim of the three stages of work is the salvation of all mankind—which means the complete salvation of man from the domain of Satan. Though each of the three stages of work has a different objective and significance, each is part of the work of..