chastisement and judgment


A Rebirth

Yang Zheng    Heilongjiang Province I was born into an impoverished rural family that was backward in their thinking. I was vain from a young age and my desire for status was particularly strong. Over time, through the social influence and a traditional education, I took all sorts of Satan’s rules for..

The Church of Almighty God

Going Astray and Finding the Way

Xiaobing     Xuanzhou City, Anhui Province “That which you are enjoying today is the very thing which is ruining your future, whereas the pain you are suffering today is the very thing that is protecting you. You must be clearly aware of that so as to keep away from the hook of..

The Experiences of Peter: His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment

When he was being chastised by God, Peter prayed, “O God! My flesh is disobedient, and You chastise me and judge me. I rejoice in Your chastisement and judgment, and even if You do not want me, in Your judgment I behold Your holy and righteous disposition. When You judge..

In God’s Smiling Face, Present the Most Precious Offering

1. Years of experience have passed, and mankind who have gone through the suffering of refining and chastisement, mankind who have gone through the suffering of refining and chastisement become weather-beaten. Although they have lost their former, former “luster” and “romance,” unconsciously they understand the truth of being a man...