Thought-provoking Subsequent News About Colombia Mudslides

On April 11, eleven days have passed following heavy casualties from Colombia mudslides. At present, Colombian authorities release the information that the sudden catastrophic mudslides have resulted in the death of 316 people in total, including more than one hundred children. Over one hundred people are presently missing, with about 4500 homeless people.

After this disaster, the Colombian government introduces measures that the area around the disaster area, Mocoa has been declared as a total national protection zone, where any industrial activities are forbidden from now on and deforestation is eradicated on account of farming and livestock, with the emphasis that the protection of forest should be strengthened. Those related indicate that the serious mudslides directly result from the heavy soil erosion caused by deforestation as well as continuous torrential rainfall.

The cause of mudslides has us recognize a fact: The occurrence of the natural calamities is usually man-made. When hundreds of casualties occurred during the disasters, some remedial actions have been taken to limit the destruction of ecology, but can people realize the root of the problem from it? Why doesn’t mankind know protecting their home before the disasters come upon them? The calamities are the warnings to and punishments on man from the Creator. However, what intentions of the Creator are implied behind the warnings and punishments? God’s words have given us the reply, “If all beings lost their own laws, they would no longer exist; if the laws of all beings were lost, then the living beings amongst all beings would not be able to continue on. Humans would also lose their environments for survival that they depend upon for survival. If humans lost all of that, they would not be able to continue to live and multiply generation after generation. The reason humans have survived until now is because God has supplied mankind with all beings to nurture them, to nurture mankind in different ways. It is only because God nurtures mankind in different ways that they have survived until now, that they have survived until the present day. With that type of fixed environment for survival that is favorable and orderly, all kinds of people on the earth, all kinds of races can survive within their own prescribed scopes. No one can go beyond these scopes or these boundaries because it is God that has delineated them.

Since people don’t know the principles of survival of all beings, they don’t know how to safeguard this type of balance. So, if people were to manage and govern all beings, they would be very likely to destroy this balance. As soon as it was destroyed, their environments for survival would be destroyed, and when that happened, it would be followed by a crisis for their survival. It would bring about a disaster. When humanity is living amidst disaster, what would lie in front of them? It would be an outcome that is difficult to guess, difficult to predict. This is just the kind of danger currently faced by the world.

God admonishes mankind to obey the natural laws that God has made, for it is the guarantee for the sustainable development of mankind’s home. Before the creation of human beings, for their survival, God created the suitable environments where He put various abundant resources, some used for people’s enjoyment, some used to keep the ecological balance. For instance, the forest is a very important element that is used to balance the natural environment. However, mankind has been corrupted by Satan that they don’t know how to live a life, only considering the current interests, wantonly breaking the natural laws made by God and destroying the environments created by God for man. For example, to create large economic interests, people develop the industry, with the air polluted and heavy smog triggered. More and more people suffer from cancers and die from them because of the rising severe water pollution. To expand the cultivated areas or meet the commercial needs, the deforestation brings about soil erosion, mudslides, sandstorms, and so on. These disasters are all caused by man’s disobedience of natural rules and reckless actions.

Although mankind pushes some remedies and enacts some laws and regulations after disasters, such as, the limitation of the discharge of waste and the restriction of deforestation, the countless lost lives cannot be brought back, and the sadness and pain of mending the fold after the sheep have been stolen has become a reality. Critically, if mankind just takes some measures superficially and doesn’t reflect on the root cause, unwilling to come before the Creator and seek for the survival way which is after God’s heart, in the near future, mankind will consistently follow the corrupt satanic dispositions and do whatever they please. Because if their greedy nature cannot be eliminated, to gain their interests, they will continually destroy the survival environments created by the Creator; if they don’t know the Creator’s unique authority and power of creating, dominating, managing and supplying all things, they cannot develop reverence for God and can merely make disasters unceasingly for themselves. So, the only One who is able to save mankind out of danger is God Himself. God’s words say, “When God created all things, He used all sorts of methods and ways to balance them, to balance the living conditions for the mountains and lakes, to balance the living conditions for the plants and all kinds of animals, birds, insects—His goal was to allow all kinds of living beings to live and multiply within the laws that He had established. All beings cannot go outside of these laws and they cannot be broken. Only within this type of basic environment can humans safely survive and multiply, generation after generation.” “Balancing the relationships between all things—is this something that people can accomplish? Humans themselves cannot. People are only able to destroy. They cannot balance relationships between all things; they don’t have such great authority or power. Only God Himself has the kind of power to do this kind of thing. God’s purpose in doing this kind of thing—what is it for? Just the same, it is closely related to mankind’s survival. Every single thing that God wants to do is necessary—there is nothing that He may or may not do. In order for Him to safeguard the survival of mankind and give people a favorable environment for survival, there are some indispensable, some important things that He must do to safeguard their survival.” Only God can hold sovereignty over and balance everything, making all things classified according to kind and position and live and reproduce in the scope and life track predestined by God. For example, mountains and lakes, grasslands, rivers, deserts, marshlands, forests, barren mountains, plateaus, low-lying lands, glaciers and seas are allotted in their own positions, adjusting and balancing the air, temperature and humidity of mankind’s survival environment. What’s more, the animals and plants, the birds and the beasts, insects, microorganisms live according to steps and orders. Humans live and grow in endless succession with the nature and all other things that God dominates, manages and supplies. Everything that God does is for the better survival of mankind. However, because man doesn’t know the value and functions of the living environments God bestows upon them, they devastate the living environments willfully, which leads to the falling of varying disasters. It is undoubtedly the wordless admonishments and warnings the Creator gives man. Faced with the warnings of the disasters, all that man should do is to come before God, listen to God’s voice and seek the way of truth. Because God has expressed all the truths of purifying and saving mankind in the last days and brought man the truth, the way and the life. Only if man accepts God’s salvation of the last days and gains the truth as their life, can they gain the care and protection of God, free themselves from the disasters, and live eternally amongst the blessings of God.

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