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Pray and Entrust All to God, Stop Worrying About My Son’s Future

By Damei

After dinner, Wang Mei couldn’t help nagging before her husband once again, “Our son is already a senior and is graduating from university soon. But now it is so difficult to get a job, and the competition is quite fierce. We wholeheartedly support our son to go to university and have spent so much money on his education. However, it is still unknown whether he can get a good job or not after his graduation. Alas! It really worries me a lot.” Her husband said helplessly: “Oh well, we can’t do anything about it. Now the college graduates are a dime a dozen. I heard that some of them take part-time jobs, some deliver meals and some even farm at home, or do those dead-end jobs and so on. If our son is unable to get a job, he can only come home to do farm work!” Hearing his words, Wang Mei was even more worried, thinking: My son is a dignified university student. If he does farm work, won’t he be laughed at by others? Alas! If so, where should I hide my face? Thinking of this, Wang Mei could not but complain to her husband again, “Hmm! It’s all your fault! You really are useless. Look! Our neighbor, Xiaokai’s father. He has used his connections to find a job for his son. And Xiaokai is gonna to work in a company.”

When Wang Mei finished her words, she was conscious that she was wrong and she shouldn’t have blamed her husband. Hence, she came before the Lord to pray, “Loving Savior Jesus, I confess my sins. I have always been worried that my son cannot be offered a good job in the future, and as a result, I frequently nag at and blame my husband. O Lord! Please forgive my sins. I am willing to entrust You with my son’s job-hunting. …” In the following days, Wang Mei often begged the Lord to bless her son with a good job.

After graduating from university, her son finally got a job in a real estate company in Beijing after many difficulties. But Wang Mei thought that her son was too introverted to be an estate salesman. Especially in recent years, there has not been a boom in real estate…. Every time she thought of these, her heart brimmed with worries and anxieties.

Once, Wang Mei encountered a former close friend, to whom she then poured out her inner suffering. Later her friend lent a book to her, and told her that she could find solution to her difficulties in the book. Wang Mei thought delightedly that it would be wonderful if her problems could be solved. And it did. She saw such a passage in this book, “When one leaves one’s parents and becomes independent, the social conditions one faces, and the kind of work and career available to one are both decreed by fate and have nothing to do with one’s parents. Some people choose a good major in college and end up finding a satisfactory job after graduation, making a triumphant first stride in the journey of their lives. Some people learn and master many different skills and yet never find a job that suits them or find their position, much less have a career; at the outset of their life journey they find themselves thwarted at every turn, beset by troubles, their prospects dismal and their lives uncertain. … What occupation one chooses, how one makes a living: do people have any control over whether they make a good choice or a bad choice? Do they accord with their desires and decisions? Most people wish they could work less and earn more, not to toil in the sun and rain, dress well, glow and shine everywhere, tower above others, and bring honor to their ancestors. … Regardless of differences in ability, IQ, and willpower, people are all equal before fate, which makes no distinction between the great and the small, the high and the low, the exalted and the mean. What occupation one pursues, what one does for a living, and how much wealth one amasses in life are not decided by one’s parents, one’s talents, one’s efforts or one’s ambitions, but are predetermined by the Creator” (“God Himself, the Unique III”). After seeing these words, Wang Mei’s heart was shocked: Turns out that whether one does his work well or badly, whether one can get a good job or not, it all this depends on the predestination of God, but is not up to man. Thinking about myself, I have always expected with all my heart that my son could find a good job to make a rise in life and bring honor to our family after his graduation from university. But even by now, I haven’t had my wish fulfilled. At this moment, she couldn’t help but think of one of her friend, who was very capable. He spent a lot of money making connections with some influential people, and found a good job for his son. Yet, his son felt it restrictive to work at a public institution, so he resigned without his father’s knowledge one year later and found another job elsewhere. This made her friend extremely irritated. Then she also thought of a fellow villager, who didn’t even finish his secondary education. At first, he just started a wholesale shop in the neighboring village, but unexpectedly, his business had expanded and prospered in recent years. There were too many examples like this. She read these God’s words, and then thought: Actually, what kind of job we get, which profession we work in, and whether we are rich or poor neither depend on our ability, IQ, or willpower, nor have anything to do with our parents or people around us. But instead, all this is ordained by God.

A few days passed, and Wang Mei’s friend again came to visit her. Then Wang Mei talked about the inner feelings she had after reading those words, as well as told her friend that she felt these words are so practical, and that she was eager to know more about the issue of man’s fate. So her friend and she read another passage together, “When you repeatedly investigate and carefully dissect the various goals of life that people pursue and their various different ways of living, you will find that not one of them fits the Creator’s original intention when He created humanity. All of them draw people away from the Creator’s sovereignty and care; they are all pits into which humanity falls, and which lead them to hell. After you recognize this, your task is to lay aside your old view of life, stay far from various traps, let God take charge of your life and make arrangements for you, try only to submit to God’s orchestrations and guidance, to have no choice, and to become a person who worships God” (“God Himself, the Unique III”).

After reading these words, her friend fellowshiped with her, “According to these words, we should dissect the various life goals we pursue. Wang Mei, just take you, for example. Why are you always painful and worried about your son’s job-hunting? Fundamentally, you’ve been pursuing your child’s being successful, standing above others, and thus bringing honor to you. Therefore, you have been working from dawn to dusk for years, and have had a sore back. You have also spent almost all the savings on your son’s education. In addition, when he graduated from university, you began to worry about what kind of job he would get; after he was offered a job, you started to worry again about the prospects of his job. On this account, you live in anxiety every day. According to that passage of words I read to you, we can see that the goals of our pursuit are against the fact that God rules over mankind’s fate. In fact, God’s arrangements for everyone are the most suitable, but we, due to the corruption of Satan, always want our children to rank higher than others, seek reputation, and much more, try to control the fates of our children. The more we pursue toward such goals, the further we will stray from God. And moreover, we will feel pain at the time that we can’t attain our goals. This is all because we cannot truly recognize and obey the Creator’s sovereignty. In fact, pursuing these things is just making meaningless sacrifices, as well as resisting the Creator’s ordination. …” man workingHer friend’s words made her have an awakening: Right! I’m of one mind to pursue making my son stand above others and get ahead. In truth, it is God who dominates and arranges my son’s fate, but I always want to control his fate. For that reason, the more I pursue these, the further I stray from God’s sovereignty. Additionally, I also live in anxiety every day. Aren’t I toyed with Satan? Aren’t the pains I have suffered these years a true portrayal of my being harmed by Satan? Through these words and her friend’s fellowship, the knot in Wang Mei’s heart was untied, and she knew that only by giving up those Satan’s views of pursuit, truly entrusting her son’s job and fate and prospects to God, and totally obeying God’s sovereignty and arrangements could she truly get released.

From then on, Wang Mei practiced according to the words in the book. She didn’t worry about her son’s job anymore, but instead, she constantly came before God to pray: “O God, I’m willing to leave my son’s job and his everything under the control of You, and put aside my own pursuits and plans. I will only obey Your sovereignty and arrangements.” Every time after praying this way, she felt at ease and joy in her heart as never before. Afterward, when her son sell several houses in a month, she thanked and praised God; when his sales performance was not so good, though she felt sorry for him, she still thanked and praised God. This was because she had experienced the peace and ease that she gained from the knowledge of the Creator’s authority and her obedience to His sovereignty. Thus, she was no longer worried, and her heart felt a release and free as never before!

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