Review: The Gospel Animation Companion—the Footprints of Company

By Xiaoke, Switzerland

I was moved to tears by an animation which is just 7 minutes and 37 seconds. And I want to say that the production of this video is indeed successful. The whole film isn’t dubbed with voice but only with subtitles and background music to express the character’s thoughts. The lines are short but concise and each sentence expresses the emotion very well, so it nearly can be described with the word “incisive”. The film is presented in two languages, from which we can see that the producer has done enough homework in order to express the topic more completely and help people understand the Lord’s love. Kudos to the producer for his creation and will.

In the beginning of the film, the train arrives, and then the subtitle, “I’m on my journey” appears, which explain the background of the boy’s meeting with the Lord. Then, the words “I’m finding treasures” and “my life” appear. The producer compares a conch and a small fish to the treasures and life. However, only after watching the film can we understand the realistic significance of the “treasures” and the “life”. Such moral well foreshadows the plot lying behind.


When the boy enjoys the happiness brought by his “treasures” and “life”, he suddenly finds that his footprints are submerged in seawater, but the other footprints haven’t ever disappeared. He is very surprised. Following the footprints, he sees the Lord. … From the outside, it is a coincidence, but most people meet the Lord just under such occasional situation.


After following the Lord, the boy and the Lord left their footprints at the seaside, on the top of the mountain, and in the desert. Though the journey is long and difficult, the Lord always takes the burden off the boy, so that he doesn’t leave Him. At the same time, these plots want to convey that the path of the cross is not easy but rugged. Despite the fact that the road is full of obstacles and frustrations, the Lord has been walking with us all the time.


However, the appearance of the shell—the treasure, attracts the boy’s eyes and heart, so that he forgets to follow the Lord’s footsteps. In the world, there are too many things that can tempt our hearts, so it’s too easy for us to lose ourselves once we are a little careless. The boy hesitates for a moment because of the appearance of the “treasure” and then he chooses to stop following the Lord; as a result, the Lord’s back is farther and farther from him. He picks up the “treasure” but loses the Lord, what are the consequences? He struggles to break free from the panicky feeling and escape from the huge waves, but he fails. Finally, he is swallowed by the sea …


After being saved, the boy who has nothing questions the Lord angrily, “Why did You leave me alone when I needed You most? Why?” The Lord says, “The time when you have seen only one set of footprints, is when I carried you.” At that time, the scenes are replayed. Through the eyes of this boy, we can see: A big hand catches the boy when he cried “My Lord!” in the wave. Then back in reality, the boy cries regretfully when he sees the big and deep footprints again.

Though the animation is short, it has testified to the Lord’s love. We always go astray from and betray the Lord because of the “treasures” and “life”, but the Lord has never left us; instead, He has been watching over and protecting each of us with His great power from beginning to end.

The Lord has been walking with us all the time.

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