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Revelation 3:10 – Keep the Word of God to Avoid Temptations

Because you have kept the word of my patience, I also will keep you from the hour of temptation, which shall come on all the world, to try them that dwell on the earth.

– Revelation 3:10

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse shows us God’s promise and requirement of man. He hopes that we can follow His way so that we can gain His salvation and protection, because those who follow His way are the overcomers that God wants to gain in the last days. They are those who follow the Lamb’s footsteps closely and who follow Him wherever He goes. By contrast, those who cannot follow God’s footsteps are people who are eliminated and punished by God’s work. When the Lord Jesus came to do the redemptive work, those Jewish Pharisees not only refused to accept the work of the Lord Jesus to protect their own positions and meal tickets, but resisted and condemned Him. In the end, they joined forces with the Roman government to nail Jesus to the cross. They committed a grave sin and were punished and cursed by God. This is the final ends of those who do not follow God’s way and His footsteps. In the last days, facing Jesus’ second coming, how could we follow God’s footsteps to be people who walk in His way, and be spared from trials while all under heaven have to suffer trials? This is what we should seek. If we cannot follow the Lamb’s footsteps, we surely cannot gain God’s protection. We will be the eliminated ones, and fall into disasters and weep and gnash their teeth in darkness therein. Obviously, following God’s way is crucial to being able to be spared from trials while all under heaven have to suffer trials and survive amidst disasters. This directly correlates with our final ends.

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Today’s Verse Illustrated

This verse Revelation 3 10 shows us God’s promise and requirement of man

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