Reflection on Fires in Portugal

By Xiaoxiao

As is reported, more than 500 fires have occurred continually in Portugal for months, causing over 100 deaths.

Last week, when the fire broke out in north-central Portugal, a villager at home saw the fire in the distance and was about to drive away from home. Unexpectedly, in just a few seconds the big fire spread to his house. Then he and his family had no other way out but to jump into the swimming pool. Another survivor, who witnessed the scene where a family and their car were devoured by the fire, said: “I’ve never seen such a hellish scene.” Similarly, some media called the disastrous fire the scene of doomsday.

Watching the scene of the billowing smoke and raging flames in the video, I couldn’t help feeling a wave of fright. From the series of fires, I truly realized that we humans cannot live without God’s protection and care. Since God created us, He has been leading us all the time. In the Age of Law, for the sake of man’s better living, God issued the law through Moses for man to obey. At that time, man could receive God’s blessing as long as they complied with the law. But because people became more and more corrupt, they were unable to keep the law and faced the danger of being convicted to death by the law. God didn’t have the heart to see the mankind He created with His own hands perishing, so He incarnated into flesh as the Lord Jesus and was nailed to the cross to be our sin offerings, redeeming us from condemnation by law. Then we all received the Lord’s salvation.

It has been more than two thousand years since the Lord Jesus left us. Before He was crucified, He promised His disciples that He would come again to take us. And He also prophesied that there shall be great disasters when He arrives. Just as the Lord said: “For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created to this time, neither shall be” (Mark 13:19). Then I recalled a wine estate in California which used to be full of vitality turning into devastation after a wildfire. Now the similar wildfire broke out in Portugal. The fire coming from 60 or 70 sources swept toward the central area simultaneously, so that there was no way to escape and many people were burned to death at homes or in cars. No matter it is the fire in America, or the series of wildfires in Portugal, or the frequent earthquakes, floods, plagues, hurricanes and other disasters, they all proved that the prophecy of the Lord’s return has been fulfilled and that the Lord is very likely to have come back. As Revelation prophesied: “And I saw another angel fly in the middle of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth” (Revelation 14:6). From this verse, we could know that when the Lord comes, there will be the gospel to preach to people on the earth. So I realized that in this age full of disasters, it is crucial and vital for us to focus on listening to God’s voice, for it is directly related to whether we could be raptured and feast with the Lord.

A few days ago, I saw many movies about the return of the Lord on YouTube such as “A Late Answer,” “Who’s Nailing God to the Cross Again?” and “Perilous Is the Road to the Heavenly Kingdom” as well as many hymn videos. Out of curiosity, I clicked the video entitled “Gospel Choir 19th Performance: Every Nation Worships the Practical God,” which attracted me deeply. After watching it, I found that this musical testified that the Lord has been incarnated the second time and has come back. It also said that God incarnate is the embodiment of the truth, that God’s coming represents His care for mankind, and that this step of His work is His last salvation of mankind. Seeing these, I was moved unconsciously, wondering: Has the Lord really come back but I don’t know about it yet? If it is true, hasn’t my wish come true?

Then I kept on searching on the internet. Later I saw a passage of words: “God’s treatment of the whole of foolish and ignorant humanity is primarily based on mercy and tolerance. His wrath, on the other hand, is concealed in the vast majority of time and of things; it is unknown to man. As a result, it is difficult for man to see God display His wrath, and it is also difficult to understand His wrath. As such, man makes light of God’s wrath. When man faces God’s final work and step of tolerating and forgiving man—that is, when God’s final instance of mercy and His final warning reach them—if they still use the same methods to oppose God and do not make any effort to repent, mend their ways or accept His mercy, God will no longer bestow His tolerance and patience upon them.” These words further confirm that God’s work now is the final step of His work and that if we don’t accept it, God will no longer bestow His mercy upon us. Thank the Lord! It’s really the warning of the Lord and I must grasp this opportunity to investigate carefully …

God’s Protection in the Fire

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