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Why does one have to pray, have meetings, and read God’s words while believing in God so as to receive a new life?

The answer from God’s word:

Prayer is a path for man to cooperate with God, a way for man to call on God, and a course for man to be moved by God’s Spirit. It can be said that a person without prayer is a dead one without a spirit, and it shows that he does not have the organ to receive God’s moving. Without prayer, one cannot have a normal spiritual living, much less keep up with the work of the Holy Spirit. Without prayer, one’s relationship with God will be cut off and he cannot receive God’s approval. As a believer in God, the more one prays, that is, the more moving he receives from God, the stronger will he will have and the more he can receive the newest enlightenment from God. Thus, such a person can be perfected by the Holy Spirit sooner.”

from “On the Practice of Prayer” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The purpose of praying is that one can come before God and receive the things which God will give man. If you often pray and often come before God, you will often be connected with God and will often have His moving and receive His supply within. As you often receive it, you will be transformed, and you will be in a better and better condition and not be depressed. In particular, when the brothers and sisters pray together, they will have especially great strength after prayer, their face being covered with sweat, and feel that they have gained quite a lot. Actually, in their several-day gathering, they have not fellowshiped anything special. It is the prayer that stirs up their strength, so that they wish to give up their families and the world right away and wish to abandon everything, feeling it is enough to have only God. You see how great this strength is. The strength which the work of the Holy Spirit gives to man can be enjoyed inexhaustibly! If you do not rely on this strength but walk with a hardened heart and a stiff neck or walk by your perseverance and will, where can you go! Before you walk long or walk far, you will tumble and fall. That strength will disappear after you walk for some time. Man should keep in contact with God all the time. However, man always casts God aside after he walks for some time. God is God and man is man, and they each walk their own way; God speaks His words and man walks his own way, and they are on two paths. When man has no strength, he sometimes goes to God and speaks several words to draw some strength. After receiving some strength, again he runs away. When he has no fuel after running for some time, he once again goes to God and takes in some fuel. As such, man cannot sustain himself for long. Leaving God, man will have no way to go.

If one does not read God’s word and does not contact the things of life in the spirit, he cannot even have a grasp of his state. To grasp the state of life in the spirit, one cannot do without prayer or without the church life. Do you have such a feeling? Believing in God, you must pray like this. If you do not pray, you do not have the likeness of a believer in God.”

from “The Significance and Practice of Prayer” in Christ’s Talks With Church Leaders and Workers

Although I have finished My words, people still do not completely understand them. This is because their caliber is poor. This problem can be solved through the church life and fellowship with each other.”

from “Practice (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Seeing that God is always speaking, some become tired of His words and think that it is of no consequence whether or not they read His words. That is not a normal state. Their hearts do not thirst to enter into reality, and such men neither thirst for or place importance on being perfected. Whenever you find you do not thirst for the word of God, it shows that your state is not normal. … So you must eat and drink of the word of God whatever the situation, whether you are busy or not, whether the circumstances are adverse or not, and whether you are being tried or not. All in all, the word of God is the foundation of man’s existence. None can turn away from His word and must eat of His word as if they are the three meals of the day. Could it be such a simple matter to be perfected and gained by God? Whether or not you understand at present or whether you have insight into the work of God, you must eat and drink more of the word of God. This is entering in a proactive way. After reading the word of God, hasten to put into practice what you can enter into, and set aside for the moment what you cannot. … All those who place no importance on the word of God and always have another attitude toward His word, one of carelessness and the belief that it makes no difference whether they read His word, are those without reality. Neither the work of the Holy Spirit nor enlightenment by Him can be seen in them. Such people are merely coasting along, and are pretenders without true qualifications, like Mr. Nanguo of the parable.[a]
… Since you believe in God, you must eat and drink of His word, experience His word, and live out His word. Only this is belief in God! If you say you believe in God yet cannot speak out any of His words or put them into practice, you are not considered to believe in God. This is ‘seeking bread to satisfy hunger.’ Speaking only of trivial testimony, useless matters, and superficial matters, and not having even the slightest bit of reality do not constitute belief in God. As such,[b] you have not grasped the right way of believing in God. Why must you eat and drink more of God ’s words? Is it considered belief if you do not eat and drink of His words and seek only to ascend to heaven? What is the first step for one who believes in God? By what path does God perfect man? Can you be perfected without eating and drinking of the word of God? Can you be considered a person of the kingdom without the word of God as your reality? What exactly is belief in God? Believers in God should be possessed of good behavior externally, at the very least, and of utmost importance is to have the word of God. No matter what, you can never turn away from His word. Your knowledge of God and fulfillment of His will are all achieved through His word. All nations, sects, denominations, and sectors will be conquered through the word in the future. God will speak directly, and all people will hold the word of God in their hands; through this will people be perfected. The word of God pervades throughout: People speak of God’s word and practice according to God’s word, while kept within is still the word of God. Both within and without, they are steeped in the word of God, and thus are they perfected. Those who fulfill the will of God and are able to bear witness to Him are those who have the word of God as reality.

When you enter into the Age of Word, you will be in the Age of Millennial Kingdom. This is the work that is being achieved now. From now, practice fellowshiping about the word of God. Only through eating and drinking of His word and experiencing it can you exhibit the word of God. Only through your words of experience can others be convinced by you. If you do not have the word of God, none would be convinced! All those used by God are able to speak the word of God. If you cannot, this shows that the Holy Spirit has not worked in you and you have not been perfected. This is the importance of the word of God. Do you have a heart that thirsts for the word of God? Those who thirst for the word of God thirst for truth, and only such men are blessed by God. In the future, there are many more words that God will say to all denominations and all sects. He first speaks and utters His voice among you and makes you complete before moving on to speak and utter His voice to the Gentiles and conquer them. Through the word, all will be sincerely and utterly convinced. Through the word of God and His revelations, the corrupt disposition of man has diminished. All have the appearance of man, and man’s rebellious disposition has so too lessened. The word works upon man with authority and conquers man within the light of God. The work that God will do in the present age, as well as the turning points of His work can all be found within His word. If you do not read His word, you will understand nothing. Through your own eating and drinking of His word, fellowshiping with brothers and sisters, and your actual experiences, your knowledge of the word of God will become comprehensive. Only thus can you truly live it out in reality.”

from “The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

What are contained in God’s word are all the truths man should have. They are most beneficial and helpful to man, are nourishment and nutriment your body needs, are to help man to be restored to the normal humanity and are the truths man should be equipped with. The more you practice God’s word, the faster your life will grow; the more you practice God’s word, the more you will become clear about the truth. When your stature grows, you will see the things of the spiritual realm more clearly, and thus you will have more strength to overcome Satan. … Therefore, only if you have the truth can you travel all over the world. If you have no truth, even your family will not be convinced of you, not to mention many religious people. If you have no truth, you are snowflakes floating. If you have the truth, you will be happy and released, and no one can attack you. Any theory, however powerful, cannot overthrow the truth. With the truth, you can make heaven and earth turned upside down and the mountains toppled and the seas overturned; without the truth, the city can be overthrown by maggots. This is an obvious fact.”

from “Practice the Truth After Understanding It” in The Word Appears in the Flesh


a. The original text omits “of the parable.”

b. The original text omits “As such.”

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