Peter’s Prayer

O God! We were once separated, and we were once together together. I have not done anything for you, but you love me more than anything. Yet I disobeyed you many times and grieved you many times. How can I forget these? I always have in my heart your work on me and what you committed to me, and I have never forgotten them. I have done all I can done all I can in the work you did on me.

You know what I can do and even more know what function I can perform. I’m willing to offer up to you all I have. Although satan fools me like this and I disobeyed you many times, I believe that you will not remember my transgressions because of those things and will not treat me according to those things. I’m willing to dedicate my whole life to you. I do not seek anything and do not have other hope and plan. I only wish that I could do according to your thought and do according to your will. I’m willing to drink your bitter cup.

I’m willing to offer up to you my body and heart and all my true love and place them before you, absolutely obey you, care for your will, and be not for my flesh or family but for your work.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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