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The Original Position of Life – Our Roles Ordained by the Creator

The Original Position of Life- our roles ordained by the Creator

No matter how perplexed we were and no matter whether we reach the peak or the lowest point in our life, our roles ordained by the Creator shall never be changed by us and our missions entrusted by Him shall never be denied or replaced either. Only when we know the Creator’s predestination and arrangement can we shake off the desire and demands of fame and fortune, no longer struggling or competing with fate, and only then can we live each day readily. If you yearn for the tranquility of heart, only when you come to the side of the Creator, listen to His voice and probe the value and purpose of life can you feel happy, relaxed and released. Just as the grass complies with the will of Heaven, only living for watching the pure land of its own!(“Guarding a Pure Land —The Original Position of Life“)


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