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God Scrutinizes the Innermost Heart of Man. A Commentary on Proverbs 20:27

The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.

– Proverbs 20:27

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

In doing my duty, I always care, “Will brothers and sisters know that I do this? Will the leaders know? If they don’t know, won’t I lose out?” I always revealed such thinking. Although I know it’s not after God’s heart, I can’t change it. I didn’t know how to practice until I saw this verse. In fact, God observes whatever we do, so we only need to think about how to satisfy God’s will. If we insist on pursuing living before man, being looked up to or approved by man, yet we don’t have God’s place in our hearts, no matter how well we do, we’ll still be despised by God. On the contrary, even though people neither see what we do nor approve us, we do this to satisfy God. Thus, we feel at peace and assured in our hearts. Let’s share the following God’s words, “Do not do things before men; you should do them before God. By accepting God’s observation and inspection, your heart is set aright. If you are always concerned with acting for people to see, then your heart will never be set aright. Also, when you act do not act for yourself. Do not take into account your own interests. Do not take into account the interests of man. Do not take into account your own position, face, or reputation. First take into account the interests of God’s house. Put the interests of God’s house first. Be considerate of God’s intention. Consider your own duty first: Are there impurities in your performance? Are you fully devoted? Have you fulfilled your responsibility? Have you expended your full effort? Do you act with all your might and heart out of consideration for your duty and the work of God’s house? You must consider these things. When you account for these things, you will not fall too short in the performance of your duty.

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