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My Experience of Planting Muskmelons – God’s Love and Authority

By Huo Ling

In the spring of 2014, we these growers of greenhouse vegetables all discussed which kind of vegetable to plant this year could earn more. Some of them turned to fortune-tellers for help; others went to burn incense and worship Buddha in the temple nearby home, begging that bodhisattvas could bless them with a good harvest this full year. I thought: Ordinarily, when all is well, people say that man proposes, but God disposes, and know the favorable weather for crops is under God’s sovereignty. However, when encountering issues they will go to the temple to worship those carved stone idols, which are only man-made dead objects. How can they bring mankind blessings? I only believe in the almighty God, for only He is the Lord who created the heavens and earth and all things, and only by relying on Him can I have a way to follow.

Later, my husband consulted me on growing muskmelons in our all three greenhouses. I made no sound as I thought: “Is it OK to plant muskmelons? We have never grown muskmelons in the past over ten years since we grew greenhouse vegetables. We don’t know how to manage them for lack of experience. In addition, when the muskmelons become ripe, we cannot keep them from being eaten one by one by field mice even use rat poison. Won’t it be a total loss then?” I often took that God presides over everything and paid lip service to it, however I saw that I still lacked confidence in God’s sovereignty when something happened to me. And yet I could not make another choice for my husband had determined to grow muskmelons. Hence, I came before God and prayed to Him, “Oh, God! My husband will grow muskmelons. Despite the fact that muskmelon growing is a cushy work and won’t drag my feet in having meetings or performing my duty, we have no experience in it. I know the heavens and earth and all things are in Your control. I am convinced that I’ll get what You give me, more or less. I am willing to obey Your arrangements as long as I can have time to attend meetings and perform my duty. May God lead me!” After the prayer, I felt very peaceful and reassured in my heart. Then, I agreed with my husband.

In an agricultural fair, my husband learned that many people bought muskmelon seeds from a certain shop in another city, so he asked me to buy the seeds there. I had never been to that city before, but thanks to God’s guidance, I had no difficulty in finding the shop. More unexpectedly, not only did the shopkeeper give a discount of 50 RMB off the price, but he also told me about the Know-how to grow muskmelons for more than an hour. This experience gave me some confidence, and let me see that the thoughts of man are also orchestrated in the hand of God. I was simply willing to obey God, and then I saw God’s deed. Thank God indeed!

Though the seeds were bought home, before us appeared a new problem—we did not know when we should grow seedlings. At the time, a friend of my husband said, “Leave it to me. I will tell you when to grow seedlings.” We accepted his words as true and waited for his information at home. A period of time later, the friend came and said against our expectations, “Have you not grown seedlings yet?” I said, “Aren’t we waiting for your information?” He said, “The muskmelon seedlings of our family have already sprouted. It will be late unless you grow seedlings right now.” Little did I think, several days later, the temperature dropped abruptly to eight or nine degrees below freezing. Others’ muskmelon seedlings had been grown earlier, but a quarter froze to death; while our seedlings, grown half a month later than others, missed the temperature fall this time and grew quite strong. At that sight, I could not help but sincerely offer up my thanks and praises to God!

The muskmelon seedlings grew up day by day in the sheds. As was said, when it is time to bear melons, the temperature must be neither too high nor too low, and when there are blossoms, pollination is needed. Hearing these words, I fell into difficulty again: How many blossoms will be produced in the three sheds? If I am engaged in pollinating the flowers all day in the sheds, how can I have time to attend meetings and perform my duty? Thereupon, I prayed to God, “Oh, God! Regarding all the seedlings in the three sheds, I don’t know how to manage them. It is said that the temperature must be appropriate, and that the flowers need pollination. Oh, God! I should put meetings and my duty in the first place. I cannot spare so much time to deal with the gardening. No matter how many muskmelons these seedlings will bear, I will submit to Your sovereignty and arrangements with pleasure.” A few days after that, I went into a shed and found in astonishment that the vines had borne so many big or small muskmelons. I didn’t pollinate these seedlings. How could them bear so many muskmelons? I felt it was wonderful and had a look carefully. Surprisingly, I found that there were a lot of ants, bees and some other kinds of insects crawling here and there on the flowers and even on each petal. I roamed about the three sheds. And I wondered where so many insects had come from, some leaping, some jumping, and some flying. That scene was too spectacular. Had not I seen that with my own eyes, I could not have believed it was true. How wonderful it was! The Creator’s deeds are indeed unfathomable and so great! Through this experience, I saw: It is God that is in charge of and manages the heavens and earth and all things. Both the living and dead shift according to God’s thoughts. As God nods, it will appear; and as He disagrees, it will vanish. These are all determined by God’s authority. On the sixth day of the Creation, God created insects, each classified according to kind, and He saw that it was good. These insects were all created by God for mankind. They play their own roles, have their own missions, are at the mercy of God, and all work for mankind. Everything created by God all has its unique value and significance of existence. Other melon growers saw our fruitfulness and asked, “How come your melons produce that well? We have grown muskmelons for several years, but our melons don’t grow so well as yours. How did you pollinate the melons?” “It is God that made ants, bees, and different sorts of insects on the ground pollinate the melons,” I said with a smile. Hearing what I said, they did not believe me, shaking their heads with smiles and going away.

It soon came to the harvest season for melons. Gusts of sweet smells of the muskmelons wafted out from the sheds. What worried us most was the field mice. A melon grower in our village came to my home and said, “The mice are really cunning. They don’t eat the poison, and even can jump across the electric cats.” With the previous experiences, this time I was certain that God would arrange properly. I would like to submit to the sovereignty of God, regardless of how many muskmelons would be gnawed by mice. A few days later, when we got to the sheds, our neighbors said to us, “Your muskmelons are all ripe. Why don’t you sell them? They taste very sweet and delicious.” Hearing their words, I also picked one and tasted. It was really sweet and crisp. We did not spray any pesticide on our muskmelons, which all grew ripe naturally. We could have such a good harvest. This was truly God’s deed! It could be seen that true obedience to God’s sovereignty will allow us to receive His blessings. My husband said, “The day after tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival. We will certainly get a good price tomorrow.” I thought to myself: Tomorrow we happen to have a meeting. Should I sell muskmelons or attend the meeting? If I don’t go to sell melons, they will not fetch a good price after the Dragon Boat Festival. If I go, I cannot perform my duty. After a second thought, I decided to attend the meeting first, and then sell muskmelons, for our muskmelons were all bestowed by God. I had already seen God’s deeds, so I should even more obey and worship Him! Whether or not the melons can sell at a good price is under God’s sovereignty. That day, scarcely had I finished the meeting when there was a man coming to buy our muskmelons. After he tasted our muskmelon, he said gladly, “I will take whatever you have.” He not only bought all our muskmelons, but also paid 1 yuan higher per kg than market price. What amazed me more was that when we picked muskmelons we found none was bitten by rats. The buyer said, “When I bought others’ melons, there were too many bitten by mice. Why did the mice not bite even one of your muskmelons?” A friend laughed and said, “Your family not only have good relations with people, but also get on well with the mice. The mice do not eat such sweet muskmelons! How strange it is!” After hearing their words, I kept on thanking God in my heart. How can they know that this was all God’s deeds?

Through this experience, I got some new knowledge of God’s almightiness and sovereignty, had more faith in God, and furthermore, I realized that knowing God is inseparable from real life. No wonder those ancient saints and sages of the past, such as Abraham and Job, could have true faith in God in the age when there was no Bible: it was because they saw God’s sovereignty in their real life. In my future experiences, I will bring God into my daily life as well, to attain a true knowledge of God and walk onto the path of fearing God and shunning evil like Job!

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