The Most Insignificant Species Are Also Unique Beings in the World

By Xiaocheng

Among all things, there are many plain little things. Yet since they have become commonplace to us, we are usually blind to them as well as ignoring their existence. However, each of them has its own unique value and significance of existence. They live for showing forth the authority of the Creator, and for us human living a better and happier life. We should thank God for giving us all this! Listen! In the field, the wheat and the grass are talking something …

Early in the morning with the sun shining, a gentle breeze blows over the field, and the wheat, lifting up its head, sways slightly. Seeing the green grass on the edge of the field, the wheat says to it: “Look, each of us in this field is more valuable than you while you have no value at all. I don’t know what the point of you a blade of small and useless grass living is.” Hearing this, the grass feels a little sad. But after thinking carefully for a moment, it raises its head and says to the wheat seriously: “Though I’m not as valuable as any of you in the field, I also have the responsibility from God—bringing spring, green scenery and joy to the world and all humanity. Look at the children playing in the grass, isn’t their laughter from the green? Though I’m of no value, yet God bestows me tenacious life force. Thus, I will do my utmost to grow and contribute all my energy for the earth and all humanity. It’s even more necessary for me to know to treasure every day of my life and use everything I have to repay the Creator, the One who gave me life. This is exactly the worth and purpose of my living.”

After listening to what the grass says, the wheat drops its head, saying: “Yeah! God created all things and we all have our own duties! Also, I ought to thank Him and requite everything that He gives me.” When the wheat finishes saying this it emits its unique fragrance. It grows hard in order to become food to serve the human soon and live up to its life bestowed by the Creator.

The silent grass never breaks its promise, keeping its abiding love for God who bestowed life on it. It grows hard and hard with all its might. In order to fulfill its responsibility, it offers up its faithfulness …

In spring, when the grass lives in the earth, it is broken and trampled under foot, but it still grows tenaciously and tries hard to emerge from the earth. How many times has it been burnt, yet eager to fulfill its mission, it still faces up to this instead of being timid and fearful. It grows with unremitting efforts and enhances confidence, not giving up.

In summer, the green grass is all over the world: in the fields, on the mountains and even beneath the cliffs and among the rocks. The grass never forgets to owe the Creator and submit to all the environments. Even if the hot sun shines down on it and the driving rain falls fast on it, yet it doesn’t complain, aware that the sunlight and rain are the Creator’s provision and nourishment for its life.

In fall, after experiencing the baptism of this golden season, the grass is still sturdy and strong. With the wind blowing in gusts, it still tries its best to grow for its responsibility, standing to its last mission. Because of its goal and repayment to the Creator, it continues to thrive and never gives up.

In winter, the thin grass sways its dry body in the biting wind, without the slightest resistance and complaint. It knows no matter how hard the strong wind nips it, yet the Creator won’t let it die but will instead make it grow more tenaciously. It thanks the Creator from the bottom of its heart as it knows all it has is from the Creator.

Thus the four seasons alternate continually all the time and no one knows how many cycles it has been. All along the grass hasn’t forgotten the Creator’s grace because of its insignificance. All it knows is to show forth its life that God gave it, and repay all that He gave it.

Actually, there are many species in the world. They are different from each other in form, structure, living environment and use. Additionally, some species are plain from their outside and no one pays attention to them. However, it is undeniable that these species also come from the Creator; likewise, the Creator entrusts special missions to them and nourishes their lives selflessly. In their place they submit to the Creator’s ordination and strictly abide by their duties. During their growing, even if encountering lots of tribulations, they will also treat them as the precious wealth from the Creator with a thankful heart; every day, they will still live for the sake of fulfilling their own missions and exhibiting their life bestowed by God. Thus, although not having attractive appearances on the outside, they live for witnessing and manifesting God and such a life is meaningful and valuable. Just as the word of God said: “‘Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth: and it was so.’ … As the words of God were spoken, the land became lush and green, all sorts of herbs that could be enjoyed by man sprang forth and broke from the ground, and the mountains and plains became thickly populated by trees and forests…. This barren world, in which there had not been any trace of life, was rapidly covered by a profusion of grass, herbs and trees and overflowing with greenery…. The fragrance of grass and the aroma of the soil spread through the air, and an array of plants began to breathe in tandem with the circulation of the air, and began the process of growing. At the same time, thanks to the words of God and following the thoughts of God, all the plants began the perpetual life cycles in which they grow, blossom, bear fruit, and multiply. They began to strictly adhere to their respective life courses, and began to perform their respective roles among all things…. They were all born, and lived, because of the words of the Creator. They would receive the unceasing provision and nourishment of the Creator, and would always tenaciously survive in every corner of the land in order to show forth the authority and power of the Creator, and they would always show forth the life force bestowed upon them by the Creator …” (“God Himself, the Unique I”).

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