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Psalm 1:2 – Delight in the Law of the Lord

But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law does he meditate day and night.

– Psalm 1:2

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

God has set down the laws for mankind. Blessed are those who obeyed. What’s the regulations and principles? First, they covered the Ten Commandments and the regulations for how to build altars, after which are the regulations for keeping the Sabbath and observing the three feasts, and the regulations for sacrificing, and so on. These are followed by regulations for what should be observed during people’s lives, such as the regulations for what they may or may not eat, for the purification of women following childbirth; every one of life’s details is involved. There is God’s careful thought and consideration for mankind in these regulations. God says, “When God began the official work of His management plan, He set down many regulations that were to be followed by man. These regulations were in order to allow man to lead the normal life of man on earth, a normal life of man that is inseparable from God and His guidance.” “To God, people’s concepts of God, the world, and mankind in that age were abstract and opaque, and even though they had some conscious ideas and intentions, all of them were unclear and incorrect, and thus mankind was inseparable from God’s teachings and provisions for them. Earliest mankind knew nothing, and so God had to begin teaching man from the most superficial and basic principles for survival and regulations necessary for living, imbuing these things in the heart of man bit by bit….” “He knows what is within man, and knows what is lacking in man, He knows what He has to provide, and how He should lead man, and so too does He know what man should and should not do.

Earliest mankind didn’t know how to live on earth, so God set forth the law through Moses to standardize mankind’s behaviors and instruct them to live a normal life on earth. Through these regulations, God told them what they may or may not do; these regulations have continued till today and become the modern legal system. Today, the stricter a country’s laws are, the better public order it has, the less criminal cases will there be and the stabler will people’s lives be. It can be seen that, as long as we abide by God’s laws, He will protect us. God treasures those who listen to His words. Any country or mankind that is obedient to God’s words and acts according to His demands will gain His blessings and be the blessed ones mentioned in the verse.


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Psalms 1:2 - Delight in the Law of the Lord - bible verse of the day

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