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Who Is Maintaining the Ecological Balance?

In school, the nature study teacher told us, “All things in nature have their respective laws of living, and the laws of living are naturally-occurring. Because of these laws, the whole ecology is in balance and mankind can survive from generation to generation.” At that time, I didn’t consider it seriously, and just felt nature is so wonderful that it can keep the whole ecological environment running in such a regular way. But later through a true experience, I understood the laws of living of all things wasn’t formed by the force of nature but came into being under the Creator’s sovereignty and arrangements.

My husband and I both majored in veterinary medicine. After graduation, we went abroad together. My husband worked in a big piggery and was in charge of the breeding of sows. As he was very serious and responsible at work, his manager trusted him and promoted him to factory director soon. In order to improve the reproductive rate and parturition rate of the sows, my husband often did some experiments. Once he injected hormones into some sows and found the reproductive rate increased. Generally, one sow can give birth to 11 or 12 piglets at one time, but after injected with hormones, some sows could even give birth to 15 or 16 piglets. Then he injected a spot of hormones into some healthier sows in batches. Gradually, the sows could give birth to more and more piglets. Several months later, because the piggery was not big enough to hold so many piglets, the manager had to sell some piglets to other companies. That year, the income of his company increased a lot and their staffs also received a big bonuses. At that time, I was very happy and felt my husband was very clever and competent. However, good times didn’t last long. My husband found those sows’ resistance to illness declined little by little, and the illnesses such as hysteritis and oophoritic cyst and so on became more and more common. If the sows were injected with hormones continuously, they would be eliminated by the market soon. In addition, the sows were very expensive. For fear of bringing great loss to his company, my husband gave up the artificial method of improving the reproductive rate. Originally, he just wanted to make more money, but he hadn’t expected the consequence would be so horrible that it not only did not improve the profit of the company but caused loss instead. He changed the method in time, but I was very confused within: Why did this artificial method of changing the reproductive rate bring about so many illnesses to sows? Why didn’t this artificial method succeed? I didn’t understand this question all along. It was until I accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days and read Almighty God’s word that I truly understood the mysteries of it.

Almighty God says, “The fates of humanity and of the universe are intimately entwined with the Creator’s sovereignty, inseparably tied to the Creator’s orchestrations; in the end, they cannot be teased apart from the Creator’s authority. Through the laws of all things man comes to understand the Creator’s orchestration and His sovereignty; treethrough the rules of survival he perceives the Creator’s governance; from the fates of all things he draws conclusions about the ways the Creator exercises His sovereignty and control over them; and in the life cycles of human beings and all things man truly experiences the Creator’s orchestrations and arrangements for all things and living beings and truly witnesses how those orchestrations and arrangements supersede all earthly laws, rules, and institutions, all other powers and forces. In light of this, humanity is compelled to recognize that the Creator’s sovereignty cannot be violated by any created being, that no force can meddle with or alter the events and things predestined by the Creator. It is under these divine laws and rules that humans and all things live and propagate, generation after generation.” (from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the flesh)

After reading Almighty God’s word, I know: It turns out that the laws of living of all things are not naturally-occurring, but came into being under the Creator’s sovereignty and arrangements. At the same time, no one can change these laws. All these things such as what food each kind of animal feeds on and their living habits, reproductive rates, fertility, and lifespans, and so on are ordained by God. For example, some animals give birth to only one baby at one time, while some animals give birth to several ones. Some animals give birth once in several years, but some give birth once in several months…. In addition, God predetermines all things’ respective living methods and living scopes, and thus the ecology can be in balance without any disorder. So the orderly development of the whole world till today is due to the almightiness and sovereignty of God. However, mankind doesn’t know that the Creator presides over and commands all things. Driven by the interests, we try to change the fecundity and reproductive rate of animals and plants by artificial methods, and raise varieties of animals and grow varieties of plants with all kinds of chemical medicines and hormones. As a result, meat, fish, vegetables and other food that we eat are harmful to our bodies, and the probability of our illness becomes higher and higher. From that, we know the laws of living of all things arranged by the Creator are the best for mankind and no one can change them. But because of not knowing the sovereignty of God, we are always trying to disobey the laws of all things that the Creator has set, and finally we ourselves will suffer from it.

Now, God expresses the word and reveals all these mysteries man doesn’t know. If we wish to have a good fate, we should come before God, know how God presides over all things, and be a person obeying God’s sovereignty and arrangements. Let me share with you the relevant truths concerning the Creator creation of all things and the laws of living of all things: God Himself, the Unique (I) God’s Authority (1)

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