Do You Truly Know the Love of the Creator?

I saw a public service ad before, and the memory is still fresh. Its main content is like this:

Act I

A young father has a little boy in his arms, who is full of curiosity toward the world. They come to a park and sit side by side on a bench. The little boy looks around this fresh environment; everything around seems attractive to him. At the sight of anything fresh, he asks his father, “Dad, what’s this?” With a smile, his father answers his questions over and over again, full of tenderness and affection in his eyes. Sometimes the son asks seven or eight times about a bird, but not a trace of impatience can be seen in his father’s eyes. Because he loves this little life so much, what he reveals is nothing but love….

Act II

The same father, the same son. But now the son is supporting his father with hand, because his father is aged. They sit side by side on the same bench, but this time it is the father who asks questions. With a dull look, the old man is sitting there. Then, a bird lands on the lawn before them. Full of surprise in his eyes, he asks naughtily, “Son, what’s this?” The young son answers him patiently. Then he asks again, “Son, what’s this?” His son patiently answers again. But when he asks a third time, his son gets impatient and is annoyed at his repeated questions.

The old man lowers his head and says quietly, “You asked me in the same way when you were young.” After hearing his father’s words, the son is stunned for a moment. Then, tears well up in his eyes. It seems that he has realized something or….

When this public service ad recurs to my mind, it brings tears to my eyes. The father takes good care of his son as he grows up. He has given his son all his love, but when he needs care and understanding, he is cold-shouldered by his son. Why is the difference so vast? Has the son never felt his father’s love for him? Or has his heart been occupied by something, with no place for his father at all? I can’t help remembering the words of God that I read before, “God created these two men, and He regarded them as His companions, and He, as their only family, took care of their life and their food, clothing, shelter, and travel. Here, God appeared as the parent of Adam and Eve. In this thing God did, men cannot see God’s loftiness, cannot see God’s supremacy, and cannot see God’s mysteriousness and unfathomableness, much less see God’s wrath and majesty, but they only see God’s humbleness and God’s lovingkindness and see God’s concern for man and God’s responsibility and loving care for man. God treated Adam and Eve with the same attitude and in the same way as human parents are concerned about their children and also as human parents tenderly love, look after, and care for their children, true and real and visible and tangible.” (from “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself I”)

The Creator has given the truest love to us. He treats us as His children, showing His tender love, care, consideration, and concern to us, and cherishes us until we grow up. God is a living God, accompanying us by our side. He is so lovely, so worthy of our love! Why don’t we try to experience it with our heart? God says, “Whenever God is grieved, what God faces are a group of human beings who simply take no notice of Him and are human beings who follow Him and claim to love Him but who do not pay any attention to any of His feelings. How could His heart not be grieved? In God’s work and management, although God works on and speaks to everyone with sincerity and He is face to face with man without any reserve or hiding at all, on the contrary, everyone who follows Him is closed to Him, and no one is willing to draw near to Him on his own initiative or to know about His heart or pay attention to His feelings on his own initiative, and even those who want to be the ‘bosom friends of God’ also do not want to draw near to Him, to care for His heart, or to know about Him. When God rejoices or when He is happy, no one shares His joy with Him; when God is misunderstood, no one comforts His sorrowful heart; and when His heart feels sorrowful, no one wants to listen to His pouring out. In the several thousand years of God’s work and management, there has not been anyone who knows about God’s pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy or anyone who understands or feels God’s pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy, much less anyone who keeps God company sharing His pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy with Him. God is lonely; God is lonely! God is lonely not only because corrupt mankind stands in opposition to Him, but even more because those who pursue to be spiritual, pursue to know God, and pursue to understand God and even those who are willing to spend their whole life for Him do not know His mind, do not know about His disposition, and do not know about His pleasure, anger, sorrow, or joy.” (from from “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself I”)

God expends His everything for man. Two thousand years ago, the Lord Jesus was crucified in His sinless flesh and redeemed the whole mankind with His own life. Now the Lord Jesus has returned in the flesh. He expresses His words, and does the work of purification to save us, only to get our cold shoulder and indifference. No one takes the initiative to know God; no one takes the initiative to seek God’s will; no one takes the initiative to search for the footprints of God and the manifestation of God; no one is ready to understand God’s thoughtful kind intention and eager expectation in saving mankind; no one is ready to experience the sorrow of God’s heart…. The one people believe in is still a vague god in their imagination. As for the true God’s work, they don’t pay any attention.

Do you truly know the Creator’s love? Will you use your heart to repay the Creator who loves mankind like His own flesh and blood?

God’s Love for Man

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