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Those That Love God Will Live Forever in God’s Light

Almighty God says, “Only those that love God are able to bear witness to God, and only those that love God serve as God’s witnesses and receive God’s blessings and promises. People that love God are the intimates of God, are those that God loves, and are those that are able to share in blessings together with God. It is these people that are able to live forever, and it is only these people that live forever in God’s care and keeping. God is for people to love, and is worthy of all people loving, and yet not everyone is able to love God, nor is everyone able to bear witness for God or able to share in God’s reign. People that truly love God are able to bear witness to God and are the people that are able to give their utmost for God’s work. Therefore, these people can walk anywhere on earth without anyone daring to oppose them, and can reign on earth and govern all the people of God. These people come together from places the world over. They speak different languages and have different skin colors, but they have a shared meaning in life and a shared love for God. They all bear the same witness, and are people with a shared resolution and aspiration. Those that love God walk freely throughout the world, and God’s witnesses move unchallenged throughout the entire universe. These are the people that God loves and blesses, and these people will live forever in God’s light.”

Obedience to God

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