Break out of the Trap of “Being an Outstanding Person” and Live a Freer Life

I find the topic of “Chinese education” and foreign education is frequently discussed in some forums on the internet. There is one case impressing me the most. A foreign teacher asked his pupil, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” The pupil answered, “I want to be a clown.” Then, the teacher said gladly, “Very well! You’ll bring more happiness to others.” However, if the same dialogue happened between a Chinese teacher and his student, the teacher would say, “What a loser!” I grow up under such Chinese education system. Since my childhood, I had been instilled into the thoughts, such as “Standing out among others,” and “Alive, I live a heroic life; Dead, as a ghost king died,” so that no matter what I did I would vie with others to see who is better, such as competing for places at school and fighting for position at work.

In the past, in order to be thought of highly, I went out early and came back late, and studied and worked day and night. In order to obtain a position, I tried every possible means to please my boss and established my social group in all the departments of the company, in the hope that someone can speak for me and support me at the important moment. At that time, I lived extremely tired every day, exhausted physically and mentally. I wanted to break free from such situation but I couldn’t.

Eastern LightningOn one occasion, I accepted the last days work of Almighty God. The word of Almighty God brought a change to my life. I read Almighty God’s words, “There is an enormous secret in your heart. You never know it there because you have been living in a world without light shining. Your heart and your spirit have been taken away by the evil one. Your eyes are covered by darkness; you cannot see the sun in the sky, nor the twinkling star in the night. Your ears are clogged with deceptive words and you hear not the thunderous voice of Jehovah, nor the sound of the rushing waters from the throne. You have lost everything that should have belonged to you and everything that the Almighty bestowed upon you. You have entered an endless sea of bitterness, with no strength of a rescue, no hope of survival, left only to struggle and to bustle about. … From that moment, you are doomed to be afflicted by the evil one, kept far away from the blessings of the Almighty, out of reach of the provisions of the Almighty, and you embark on a road of no return. A million calls can hardly rouse your heart and your spirit. You sleep deeply in the hand of the evil one, which has lured you into the boundless realm, with no direction, with no road signs. Henceforth, you have lost your original purity, innocence, and started to hide from the care of the Almighty. The evil one steers your heart in every matter and becomes your life. You no longer fear him, no longer avoid him, no longer doubt him. Instead, you treat him as the God in your heart. You begin to enshrine him, worship him, be inseparable like a shadow of his, and mutually commit to each other in life and death.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) Almighty God’s words made me realize that it was because of Satan’s affliction that I lived so miserably. Satan instills these thoughts, such as “struggling for fame and fortune, and standing out among others,” and “being an outstanding person” into the young heart of man, so that we desire to excel over others and are unwilling to be outdone from childhood. In order to attain our goals, we use all means to contend and snatch, and even spare no sacrifice. Consequently, our life is like a battlefield, and we end up getting hurt all over, and then Satan achieves its despicable goal of afflicting man.

Only Almighty God can save us from the evil abyss and free us from Satan’s influence of darkness. Almighty God says, “There is a simplest way to free oneself from this state: to bid farewell to one’s former way of living, to say goodbye to one’s previous goals in life, to summarize and analyze one’s previous lifestyle, philosophy, pursuits, desires, and ideals, and then to compare them with God’s will and demands for man, and see whether any of them is consistent with God’s will and demands, whether any of them delivers the right values of life, leads one to a greater understanding of the truth, and allows one to live with humanity and human likeness. When you repeatedly investigate and carefully dissect the various goals of life that people pursue and their various different ways of living, you will find that not one of them fits the Creator’s original intention when He created humanity. All of them draw people away from the Creator’s sovereignty and care; they are all pits into which humanity falls, and which lead them to hell. After you recognize this, your task is to lay aside your old view of life, stay far from various traps, let God take charge of your life and make arrangements for you, try only to submit to God’s orchestrations and guidance, to have no choice, and to become a person who worships God.” (from Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh)

The words of God show me the bright way, and I am willing to give up my former wrong outlook on life and Satan’s rules of living, no longer live for fame, fortune and position, and no longer fight for being an outstanding person. Instead, I am willing to submit to the people, matters and things God arranges for me, and act according to God’s word and God’s will so as to know God and lead a truly meaningful life. Only if man jumps out of the trap of “being an outstanding person,” will our hearts be freed and gain real freedom and release.

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