Life Is Limited, We’d Know the Creator and Live Out a Meaningful Life

By Xiaoya

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter—the four seasons in a year—pass through several cycles in a trice. Likewise, minutes and seconds—the passing time—are like the running water of the Yellow River is gone and never to return. Time brings man so much sense of resignation: Just like people can never stop their footsteps, the clock ticks and every second slips away from our side. Light travels like an arrow, and years like shuttles. Flowers can blossom again, while the lost youth of people will never return. A season passes away and some years are wasted. Recollections of the past seem nothing but fleeting clouds. Countless simple days swiftly elapse, and they are also as if the fine sand held in our fists always slipped from between our fingers. Before we realize it, we have grown old in the river of time.

Among people walking back and forth in this mortal world, there are lively children, handsome young men and beautiful young women, hurried middle-aged couples, old people walking with staffs, and so on. Though they have different experiences in different ages, at this time, one thing they have in common is that their time is lapsing bit by bit at their side. I couldn’t help recalling: During my childhood, I always complained that time went so slowly. After growing up, I felt that time passed so quickly, and before I came to myself, it had long gone away. Afterward, more and more people say, “Time is money; time is life; wasting time is slow-motion suicide.” Therefore, I began to run a race with time under such an “urging voice”, but in the end, I found that I was still wasting time.

One after another, my old classmates got married and had children; the scenes in the campus seemingly happened yesterday. I couldn’t help but sigh that time went by too quickly, feeling as if time had flown away before I hadn’t enough time to do anything. A nameless sense of loss uncontrollably welled up in my heart. I thought of a word in the Bible, which says, “For all our days are passed away in your wrath” (Psalms 90:9). Our life, which is really as short as a burning candle, is gradually approaching its end. However, when the candle is burning to its end, it is gratified, because it lights others and its life is valuable. By comparison, what about us? How should we live a short yet meaningful and valuable life, not wasting our time in this world? I feel more and more that this question is worth our deep consideration.

Afterward, a Christian friend shared two passages of God’s word with me: “If people are to understand truth, then they must come into God’s presence, accept God’s salvation, and accept God’s word—the supply of words, truth, and life from God. Only then can they understand all these mysteries. Otherwise, even if they live to fifty or sixty, seventy or eighty, as they struggle less against fate as their age increases, their desire for knowledge will also increase, ‘What is human life actually about? Why must humans live? Is it simply a matter of coming to the earth and living a life? Is that it? Is it over after that? That can’t be!’ They thus feel some unwillingness. You see that when nonbelievers die they go unwillingly, worrying about this and that, and they leave with regret, having obtained nothing; if they are reincarnated in another lifetime they will still be this way. Is this not pathetic? (It is.) Generation after generation is like this, coming and going so pathetically, going and coming, generation after generation. The living send off the dying, and then the living are seen off by the newly born—generation succeeding generation in this way. Thus bewildered and filled with regret they enter the tomb, and if they come back, they will still understand nothing if they do not come into God’s presence.

No one is more blessed than you—and why do I say this? Because those who do not believe in God live for the flesh, and they live for Satan, but today you live for God, and live to carry out the will of God. That is why I say your lives are of the utmost significance. Only this group of people, who have been selected by God, are able to live out a life of the utmost significance: No one else on earth is able to live out a life of such value and meaning.

When I pondered over these words carefully, my heart became brightened: Over the course of our short life journeys, so many people chase after fame and gain, wasting their limited time in intriguing against and cheating each other, and not until they die do they find that even though having honorable reputation and plentiful family property, they still end up empty-handed and with nothing. So many people try painstakingly and rack their brains for the eating, drinking, and merry-making of the flesh, wasting their precious time, and after the momentary ease and enjoyment, they just get endless emptiness. And so many people give all they have to their next generation and make careful plans and arrangements for them, but finally they find that the fate of their next generation can’t escape from the track preordained by Heaven, and that all they have done are in vain. Similarly, some people spend all their lifetime in exploring the unknown world and researching the mysteries of Mother Nature, thinking that it is the most valuable life, yet little do they know that without God’s enlightenment and guidance, the research to which they devote their lifetime will end in nothing. … Generation after generation of people can’t get out of such a tragic life. Then what’s the reason? Finally, I find the answer: We don’t know the Creator and lose touch with the source of our life. In this case, how can we live out a meaningful life?

When we begin to know the Creator, our spiritual eyes originally bestowed by Him seem to be opened all at once: God has told us the source of all things and the endless mysteries in them, He has also told us that our fate in life is ruled and arranged by Him, and furthermore, He has told us our missions in life—taking advantage of our limited time to pursue the knowledge of the Creator and convey His will for mankind so that more people can come before God and live in God’s promises and blessings.

Knowing the Creator makes our world become brighter; knowing the Creator makes our life have directions and goals. Thus, we get rid of our puzzlement and confusion of the past and see through worldly pomp and emptiness, completely walking out of the tragic life repeated by generations all along. From the moment we know the Creator, our life begins to change and step by step, we walk on the right track. I thank the Creator for His grace to make me become more certain that the life journey I have chosen is the most correct. Now I have known: Knowing the Creator and gaining the truth is what I should spend my lifetime energies to pursue. Only this is the true meaningful and valuable life.

True Meaning of Life

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