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Aug 8, 2018 – John 16:24

Till now have you asked nothing in my name: ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.

– John 16:24

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

Jesus asks us to pray to God with a true heart no matter what happens. In this way, we can gain God’s blessings and guidance. Through prayer, we are able to enjoy God’s presence, experience His love and salvation, and have peace and joy in our hearts in everything. But many times, when something happens, we do whatever we want instead of relying on God or praying for His guidance. Even though we pray to God, we act perfunctorily without sincerity. Or we still rely on our own will to do things after we pray to God in difficulties. Because what we pray for is not after God’s will, we can’t feel His blessings and guidance. If we fail in doing things, we will be weak and negative and even complain against God.

Just as God says, “The purpose of prayer is so that people can come into the presence of God and receive the things God intends to give them. If you frequently pray and frequently come into God’s presence, then you will frequently fellowship with God and have a proper relationship with God, and you will always be moved by Him, always receive His provisions; and therefore you will be transformed, your conditions will continually improve and will not regress. Especially when brothers and sisters join together in prayer. When the prayer is over, there is an exceptionally large amount of energy, everyone’s face is full of perspiration and they feel they gain a lot of things. In fact, after a few days of being together they haven’t communicated much, it was prayer that aroused their energy, and they wish that they could abandon their families and the world all at once, they wish that they could give up everything, all except for God. You see that their energy is so great. The Holy Spirit works to give people this power and people will never fully enjoy it! If you don’t rely on this power, harden your heart and stiffen your neck; or if you rely on your own willpower and aspirations, then where can you go? You won’t get far before you trip and fall, and you will not have that power as you go. People must maintain contact with God from beginning to end, but people get rid of God as they go. God is God, people are people, and they go their separate ways. God speaks His word and people walk their own paths. They and God are on two paths. When people have no strength in their belief, they come to God and pray and say a few words to get some strength. After they have some strength, they run away. After running for some time, they run out of strength, and go back to God and ask Him for a little more strength. People are like this and they can’t hold on for a very long time. When people leave God, then they have no path.

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John 16:24

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