JESUS Movie: Resurrected Jesus Appears to His Disciples

50640 |February 08, 2018

JESUS Movie: Resurrected Jesus Appears to His Disciples

Every time I watch this movie clip I am inspired. When the resurrected Lord Jesus came back among His disciples, it fulfilled the prophecy that the Son of man would rise again three days after the crucifixion, which reveals God’s authority: what He says will stand, and brings hope for mankind. Later on, I recognize that there is profound meaning behind the Lord Jesus’ appearance to His disciples after resurrection.

God’s words say: “After the Lord Jesus was resurrected, He appeared to the people He thought necessary, spoke with them, and made requirements of them, leaving behind His intentions, and His expectations of people. That is to say, as God incarnate, it doesn’t matter if it was during His time in the flesh, or in the spiritual body after being nailed to the cross and being resurrected—His concern for mankind and requirements of people did not change. He was concerned about these disciples before He was up on the cross; in His heart, He was clear on the state of every single person, He understood every person’s deficiency, and of course His understanding of every person was the same after He had died, resurrected, and become a spiritual body as it was when He was in the flesh. He knew that people weren’t entirely certain of His identity as Christ, but during His time in the flesh He did not make strict demands of people. But after He had been resurrected He appeared to them, and He made them absolutely certain that the Lord Jesus had come from God, that He was God incarnate, and He used the fact of His appearance and His resurrection as the greatest vision and motivation for mankind’s lifelong pursuit. His resurrection from death not only strengthened all those who followed Him, but also thoroughly put His work of the Age of Grace into effect among mankind, and thus the gospel of the Lord Jesus’ salvation in the Age of Grace gradually spread to every corner of humanity.

These words reveal the unknown mystery behind the Lord Jesus’ appearance to people after His resurrection. At the same time, I come to understand the Lord Jesus’ concern for mankind. He didn’t wish to see those who followed Him return to the old age or lose confidence in Him, so He came back among people to make them affirm His resurrection. This fact strengthened all the followers at that time. Even though the demons did all they could to persecute the believers and obstruct the spread of the gospel, it has spread all over the earth. It proves that no one can restrain what God wants to achieve. Now it is the last days, the prophecies of the second coming of the Lord Jesus have been basically fulfilled. May we all welcome His coming and keep up with His footsteps!


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