JESUS Movie: Healing on Sabbath of Woman Crippled by Evil Spirit

44860 |February 08, 2018

JESUS Movie: Healing on Sabbath of Woman Crippled by Evil Spirit

This movie clip makes me feel God’s love and authority. On the Sabbath, the Israelites must stop working to keep the Sabbath in the temple, or they would be stoned to death. However, on this very day, the Lord Jesus healed a hunchbacked woman, who had been crippled by evil spirit for 18 years. This made the Pharisees displeased. But the Lord Jesus revealed their hypocritical nature by His words, and He made them held their heads down in shame.

This reminds me the words the Lord Jesus said when he was leading His disciples through the corn fields and ate the ears of corn and to eat: “For the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath day.” The Lord Jesus used His own actions to tell people that He had brought the new work and went out of the Sabbath. On Sabbath day, He could work as usual, He could pluck the ears of corn to eat when He was hungry, and He could preach and heal the sick. He could do any work without being constrained by any regulations. Just like God’s word says, “When He initiates new work, He appears to mankind with a completely new image, from a completely new angle, and in a completely new way so that people can see different aspects of His disposition and what He has and is. This is one of His goals in His new work. God does not hold on to the old or take the beaten path; when He works and speaks it’s not as prohibitive as people imagine. In God, all is free and liberated, and there is no prohibitiveness, no constraints—what He brings to mankind is all freedom and liberation. He is a living God, a God who genuinely, truly exists. He is not a puppet or a clay sculpture, and He is totally different from the idols that people enshrine and worship. He is living and vibrant and what His words and work bring to humans is all life and light, all freedom and liberation, because He holds the truth, the life, and the way—He is not constrained by anything in any of His work.” The Lord Jesus liberated the hunchbacked woman who was crippled by evil spirit for 18 years on Sabbath day. Maybe it is the true meaning of what the Lord Jesus said, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill” (Matthew 5:17). That is to say, God let us observe no more outward rituals, formalities or material objects, but truly gain the inner peace from Him.


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