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Korean Choir—The Eastern Light Hymns Concert Episode 4

The Kingdom Anthem
– I The Kingdom Has Descended in the World

Accompaniment: All the people are shouting joyfully to God; all the people are praising God; all tongues are confessing the only true God. The kingdom has descended in the world.


All the people are shouting joyfully to God; all the people are praising God; all tongues are confessing the only true God; all men are lifting up their eyes, watching God’s deeds. The kingdom has descended in the world, and God’s original person is full and bountiful, full and bountiful. Who does not rejoice over this (Who does not rejoice over this)? Who does not dance with joy for this (Who does not dance with joy for this)? O Zion (O Zion)! O Zion (O Zion)! Raise your banner of triumph to celebrate for God! Sing your victorious songs of triumph to proclaim God’s holy name! O all things of the ends of the earth! Cleanse yourselves completely right away to offer sacrifices to God, offer sacrifices to God! O stars of heaven! Return immediately to your original places to display God’s mighty power in the expanse! God is listening carefully to the voices of the people on earth; their singing is saturated with infinite respect and love for God! Just on the day all things are revived, God comes to the world personally, comes to the world personally. Just at this moment, the flowers are in full bloom, the birds are chorusing, and all things are jubilating! The flowers are in full bloom, the birds are chorusing, and all things are jubilating! At this moment, satan’s kingdom falls at the sound of the salute of the kingdom, and is destroyed at the reverberations of the kingdom anthem, never to rise again!


Who among the people on earth dare rise to resist? For God has descended to the earth, and then God has brought down burning, wrath, and all disasters, all disasters. The kingdom of the world has become, has become God’s kingdom! In heaven, the white clouds are rolling and billowing; under heaven (under heaven), under heaven (under heaven), the water of lakes and rivers is tossing and surging, merrily playing a touching dance. The animals at roost come out from their caves; all peoples in their sleep are awoken by God. The day that all peoples wait for has finally come, has finally come! They offer up the sweetest songs, the sweetest songs to God, to God, to God!

from “The Kingdom Anthem” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

God’s Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth

Accompaniment: Ah …ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah….

1. The almighty true God, the King on the throne, rules over the entire universe, rules over the entire universe, facing all nations and all peoples. In the whole world is shining God’s glory. All living things in the ends of the universe should see that, mountains, rivers, lakes, earth, seas, and all living things, the curtain over them is lifted in the light of the presence of the true God. They are revived again as if awakening from their dream and are sprouting from the soil! Ah! The only true God has appeared before the world. Who dare treat Him with resistance? Everyone is trembling with fear; all are utterly convinced, begging for mercy repeatedly. All men bow down before Him; all tongues worship Him!

2. All places over the world, all things on earth praise God unceasingly, praise God unceasingly. The warm breeze carries gentle rain with spring in the air; the babbling brook and all people alike are with mingled feelings of joy and sorrow and shed tears of indebtedness and self-reproach. Rivers, lakes, sea waves, and billows are all singing, extolling the true God’s holy name! How clear is the sound of praising! The old things corrupted by Satan before, will all, will all be renewed, will all be renewed and will all be changed, entering into a brand-new state….

3. This is the holy trumpet, and it has sounded! Listen attentively; the sound is so pleasant, and the throne is uttering the voice, declaring to all the nations and all the peoples. The time has come; it has come to the final end; God’s management plan has ended; God’s kingdom has appeared publicly on earth; the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of God, the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of God. God’s seven trumpets utter their voice from the throne. What a wonderful thing will happen! Look at God’s people joyfully; they can recognize God’s voice, and they come together, come together from every country and every place. All people have the true God on their lips always, praising and leaping unceasingly! They are testifying to the world, the sound of their testifying the true God like the thunderous sound of many waters. All people will rush into God’s kingdom, rush into God’s kingdom.

from “The Thirty-sixth Utterance” of Christ’s Expression and Testimony at the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Kingdom of God

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