Why Are Human Relations Full of Cheating? Only by Knowing the Reason Can We Solve Problems

By Cong Ling

Everyone may be familiar with the story of the fox and crow. One day, a crow stood in the tree with a piece of meat in its mouth. A fox saw it and then used sweet words to coax the crow into opening its mouth. At one moment the fox said hello to the crow, and at the next moment the fox praised the crow for its having a beautiful voice, saying that the crow’s singing sounded melodious. The crow couldn’t resist the praises and opened its mouth to sing. As a result, the meat dropped on the ground from its mouth and the fox ran off with it. After we finish this story, I believe that the majority will detest the fox’s craftiness and baseness and disdain the crow’s superficiality and foolishness. However, actually, even more people will think that the fox is clever, because it knew how to cater to the crow’s likes and took advantage of the crow’s psychology, successfully getting the food it wanted. In real life, this kind of deception can be found everywhere.

For example, as for the businessmen, in order to increase their sales, they make various kinds of marketing schemes by taking advantage of the psychology of the customers and giving them what they like. They know that people all like listening to sweet words and taking advantage, so they use discount and rebate to cheat people. Actually, they usually increase the price of their goods and then give a discount, or they originally buy the stock at a low price; thus they make huge profits from it. But the customers feel they themselves take good advantage. As the saying goes, “There are more foolish Buyers than foolish sellers.” This word tells us the fact that the sellers will cheat customers. As for the doctors, they take advantage of the patients’ psychology of wanting to have their illness healed quickly. When actually the diagnosis shows that the illness is not serious, they cheat the patients and say that the illness is critical and cannot be healed easily. In this way, the doctors will promote high-priced medicine so that they can gain high rebate. As for all kinds of teaching institutions, by taking advantage of the parents’ psychology of hoping that their children will have a bright future, they say that it’s the most valuable to invest in the children’s education for the sake of the children’s good future. Thus they use this means to promote their all kinds of study classes. … Now various crafty schemes are found everywhere and emerge endlessly, such as online-shopping fraud, telecom fraud, pyramid-selling fraud, etc. Under the influence of the evil trends, many people want to get rich by different kinds of cheating ways.

In life, why are there full of deception between people? The deception of the fox is from its nature, but where does various deception of man come from? One day, I saw these following words of God: “Afterward, once man has been contaminated by this cheating, it is the same as someone who gets involved in gambling and then becomes a gambler. In unawareness, he approves of his cheating behavior and accepts it. In unawareness, he takes cheating to be a legitimate commercial behavior, and takes cheating to be the most useful means for his survival and his life; he thinks that by doing this he can get rich quick. … In unawareness, you feel that if you do not cheat in business then you will suffer losses, that if you do not cheat then you will have lost something. Unknowingly, this cheating becomes your very soul, your mainstay, and also becomes a type of behavior that is an indispensable rule for your life.” “In this way, man becomes more and more what? More and more evil, arrogant, condescending, selfish, and malicious. There is no longer any affection between people, no longer any love between family members, no longer any understanding between relatives and friends; human relations have become full of cheating, full of violence. Every single person wants to use cheating means and violent methods to live in amongst their fellow man; they lie, cheat and become violent in order to seize their own livelihood; they win their positions and obtain their own profits using violence and they do anything they want using violent and evil ways.” From God’s words, I understood: It is because we have been corrupted by Satan that we scheme against each other, deceive each other, and lose conscience and sense. With the rapid development of society, influenced and infected by various evil trends, we regard the fallacies of the famous and great as golden sayings to conduct ourselves, such as “Money is first,” “Money isn’t everything, but without it, you can do nothing,” “Doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice,” etc. To earn more money, we study all kinds of ways to get rich, and even use varied kinds of cheating means. As a result, the satanic laws of survival become our lives, such as “He who coaxes one to death does not need to pay with life,” “Speak out of both sides of one’s mouth,” “Think before you speak and then talk with reservation,” “A lie will become the truth if it’s repeated ten thousand times,” and so on. To fulfill our own desires, each of us becomes selfish, crafty and deceitful, losing conscience and sense.

In real life, everyone wears a mask to live, flattering and using each other. We live in such an environment, who else is worth counting on? I saw God’s words say, “There is no deceit in God, no falsity. God is faithful and everything He does is both true and real. He is the only thing that people can count on and the only thing that people can entrust their lives and their all to. … All that God does and reveals is wholly beneficial and helpful for man, is wholly done to provide for man, is full of life and gives man a road to follow and a direction to take. … Firstly, God requires man to be honest—isn’t this positive? God gives man wisdom—isn’t this positive? God makes man able to discern between good and evil—isn’t this positive? He allows man to understand the meaning and value of human life—isn’t this positive? He allows man to see into the essence of people, events, and things in accordance with truth—isn’t this positive? (Yes.) And the result of all this is that man is no longer deceived by Satan, no longer to continue to be harmed by Satan or controlled by it. In other words, they allow people to completely free themselves from the corruption of Satan, and therefore gradually walk the path of fearing God and shunning evil.” Only God is faithful, beautiful and kind. His love and salvation to mankind is real. No matter in which age, He does the work of saving man practically. In the Age of Law, Jehovah God set forth laws and commandments to let people learn how to worship God and how to live, and let people know what sin is. In the Age of Grace, to redeem mankind and make people no longer be condemned by the law because of their sins, the Lord Jesus silently tolerated all humiliation and was crucified for man as a sin offering. No matter how much the Lord Jesus paid for mankind, no matter how much grace the Lord bestowed upon man, He never claimed credit from man. The Lord also taught us: “But let your communication be, Yes, yes; No, no: for whatever is more than these comes of evil” (Matthew 5:37). This word clearly tells us that we should be honest persons. It can be seen: Only God’s words can make us clearly see the fact that mankind has been corrupted by Satan so that we can learn to discern good from evil, truth from fallacy, and positive things from negative things, forsake lies and deceit, and pursue to speak honestly, act honestly, and be honest persons. Only conducting ourselves like this is open and straightforward.

We should say goodbye to the falseness and return to the truth! Only if we come before God, receive the leading and guidance of His words, pursue to be an honest person, let His words reign in our hearts, and live according to His words, can we forsake lies and deceit and can we shun evil, walking on the bright path of being blessed by God and living out a meaningful life!