How to discern orthodoxy and cults?

How to differentiate between the cult and orthodoxy? There are principles of the truth to seek in it, and they are not differentiated according to any political party’s or any person’s view at will, much less according to any state or any constitution. If they’re differentiated in this way, it’s unfair. First, we must be certain what “rightness” is before we can ascertain the true way. Only the truth is the positive thing, and is the root of anything “right.” Where does the truth come from? The truth comes from Christ, and Christ is the embodiment of God’s Spirit, so the truth comes from God. All those come from God are positive things. pray-to-god_believe-in-godOnly the word of the Creator is the truth, and only the incarnate Christ can express the truth. This is Heaven’s will and a heavenly rule. No nation, political party, or group can disobey, much less resist or oppose. Whoever disobeys, resists, or opposes will bring destruction upon himself. It completely fulfills God’s word that the corrupt mankind brings destruction upon themselves all because of resisting God. In the world and among human society, all positive things are in accordance with Heaven’s will and people’s will. What is in accordance with Heaven’s will and people’s will is the orthodoxy. Believing in God is in accordance with Heaven’s will as well as people’s will. Being in accordance with people’s will means that most of mankind approve of believing in God, and they can all confirm in their conscience that believing in God is walking the right way and agree that the believers in God are decent and good people. So it is right and proper to believe in and obey God and worship the Creator, and it is a positive thing, and meets Heaven’s will and people’s will. What’s “evil”? “Evil” means not being in accordance with Heaven’s will, and even more acting against Heaven, running counter to right principles, and disobeying Heaven’s will and people’s will. Then, what disobeys Heaven’s will and people’s will? Not allowing people to believe in God is disobeying Heaven’s will and people’s will. All doings that mankind disapproves of and condemns in the conscience and sense are evil. All those men approve of, admit, and acknowledge in the conscience are positive things. Believing in God is a positive thing. All those things that resist God, condemn God, and oppose God are negative things. Negative things are completely done by Satan the evil force. If we can be certain about what is rightness and what is evil, it will be easy to distinguish what the orthodoxy is and what a cult is. To put it exactly, all churches that believe in the true God are the orthodoxy, all those who believe in false gods, evil spirits, or Satan the devil are cults, and all those who advocate the fallacies and heresies of resisting God, such as atheism and evolutionism, and so on are cults. Then, let us investigate the history of the Communist Party. As we all know, the Communist Party was founded by Marx, a German. He was a believer of Satanism who worshiped Satan, and claimed himself to be Satan the devil. Then, how could the Communist Party founded by such a real demon be orthodoxy? In addition, what the Communist Party tirelessly advocates is violent revolution, slaughter of mankind, and atheism. Marx said in Manifesto of the Communist Party, “A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism.” And now, the spectre of Communism has realized in the Communist Party. Thus, isn’t the Communist Party, a reactionary organization, a real cult? The Chinese Communist Party is craftier than its ancestor Marx, for Marx dared acknowledge himself to be Satan the devil, but the Chinese Communist Party dare not do that. Moreover, the Chinese Communist Party is very good at distorting the fact, confounding black and white, pretending and deceiving, and playing the trick of a thief crying “Stop thief,” even saying the orthodoxy as the false and evil, but saying the evil as orthodoxy. Clearly, the Communist Party itself is evil and reactionary, but it pretends to be right and just and does its utmost to proclaim that the Chinese Communist Party is “great, glorious, and correct,” which is the Chinese Communist Party’s consistent means. Playing the trick of a thief crying “stop thief” is what the Communist Party is very good at. The one who can deceive, cheat, fool, corrupt, and slaughter mankind most in the world is the Communist Party. Therefore, all those that are supported, advocated and approved by the Communist Party are negative things, and those that are labeled as cults and persecuted brutally by it could well be orthodoxy and the true way. Now, none except the Communist Party will condemn an orthodox church as a cult. Actually, the Communist Party is the true and real cult, and is the typical representative of all cults. It is the true Satanism in the last days and is a typical group of devils, which is to say, the most evil and insidious reactionary organization and terrorist organization. This is widely known and absolutely right.

Besides, whether a religion or a church is a cult should be judged by the majority, all people of faith, and people around the world according to the universally acknowledged value, which is just. It’s kind of absurd to judge a religion as a cult only based on the constitution formulated by the atheistic Communist Party, for it itself is atheistic and doesn’t acknowledge the existence of God at all, much less know God. It resists God and is the enemy of God. It can be said it is not eligible to comment on things of belief in God, much less to condemn any group or church that believes in God. In fact, the Communist Party has openly labeled the Bible as a cult book and designated all groups and churches that believe in God as cults, including Christian churches, all the house churches, and other religious groups. This is a generally acknowledged fact. Since the Communist Party assumed power in Mainland China, it has always restricted, oppressed, and persecuted believers in God by all kinds of cruel means, and deprived people of their freedom of belief. Also, it has used the public opinion, and political and legal means to pressure and threaten believers, forbidding them to worship and follow God. In contrast, it asks people to worship it, submit to it, and continue to receive its rule and serve it. Furthermore, it advocates that it’s the Communist Party which bestows happiness on people and that it is the “bread giver” of Chinese people, which is truly brazen and unreasonable. From these, we can see that the Chinese Communist Party is a real evil party and cult and it is more brutal than fascists. At present, the evil Chinese Communist Party is the most ruthless, ferocious, and frenzied resister of God. It exploits, cheats, and suppresses people most fiercely, and has trapped and slaughtered more people than anywhere else in the world. What it has done has long incurred God’s wrath and man’s resentment. So, China is a country that has the most escapers and whose people have a strongest wish for immigration in the world. They all want to escape from China, the devilish prison. It now has been a fact known to the whole world. Therefore, the illegal party that seized power by lies, deception, and violent slaughter, simply has no right to judge or condemn any religion or church to be an orthodox church or a cult. In addition, the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party is not in accordance with the International Convention of Human Rights at all. Although it has signed and agreed with some regulations in the Convention, that is merely cheating the people and the world. In reality, it never acknowledges, accepts, or obeys it. Thus, the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party is not at all true law. It is formulated for the people as the instrument to restrict and bind them, while they themselves never abide by it. It can be said with certainty that in any country under the dictatorship of the Communist Party, there is no law at all. All its government officials and policemen have ever claimed publicly that they are the law and what they say is law. So, in the countries ruled dictatorially by the Communist Party, power is always greater than law, which results in the present lawless situation. Therefore, the Chinese people have long distrusted its nonsense, for all that it says is heresy and fallacy, which distorts the facts, confuses black with white, and is totally unreasonable. And all that it says are lies that cheat people, blind people, and play with people. No one trusts its words.