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Philippians 2:4 – Help Each Other

Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.

– Philippians 2:4

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

When we work with others, as soon as it involves face, interests, reputation, or position, there won’t have sincerity in our interaction. We always worry that others will stand out more than us, so we will hold back a trick when teaching others skills and it’s common for us to work apart, and the same goes for the best friends. These are the results of our corrupt disposition. God says, “What is harmonious coordination? You do your thing and I do mine. You finish yours and I finish mine. We each do our own thing, and there’s no silent understanding between us, no communication, and no fellowship. We haven’t reached any kind of mutual understanding; we just know in our hearts, ‘I’m performing my duty and you’re performing yours. You carry out yours and I carry out mine. What you do is no concern of mine, and what I do is no concern of yours. We don’t interfere or fight with each other, and we don’t bother or influence each other.’ Is that harmonious coordination? From the outside, it seems that there aren’t any disputes between the two people, that there aren’t any complaints. It seems that they don’t interfere with each other, or control or restrict each other. However, in spirit there is no harmonious coordination. In spirit there is no silent understanding or mutual care. It’s just each person putting effort into their own thing, and exerting their own effort without any coordination. Is this a good way of doing things? (No.) It’s not a good way to do things. It seems that no one is managing the other person, no one listens to or guides the other person, and no one is a helper for another person. It seems to be rational, but deep inside of people’s hearts they have a corrupt disposition. Do you know what disposition that is? This is something you can’t fully see, right? They all want to strive to be at the forefront, and they are without any love, care, or help for others. Is there any harmonious coordination in that? (No.) Without coordination, you are fighting a solitary battle, and many of the things you do won’t be so perfect, so complete. This kind of human state isn’t what God wants to see—it does not bring Him joy.” God’s words are clear about our performances. Due to such a corrupt disposition, we fight for every bit and seize every bit we can get, which make it difficult for us to get along well with each other. Then what should we do to be after God’s heart?

Our interaction with others is a process of complementing each other. Learning to help others is the normal humanity we should possess. Just as God’s words say, “You coordinate with him and he coordinates with you, each amending the other, arriving at a better work outcome, so as to care for God’s will. Only this is a true cooperation, and only such people have true entry.” There is only division between us if we live based on our corrupt dispositions. Only by acting as God’s demands can our relationship with others gradually become normal.

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Philippians 2:4 - Help Each Other

Getting Along With Others

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