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Who Healed the Broken Heart After His Parents’ Divorce?

By Yuxi

Yuxi is nine years old this year. His dad and mom divorced when he was five months old. From then on, his mom left him, and his dad went outside to work throughout the year. Because he doesn’t have parents’ care from childhood, his grandparents give more love to him, cosseting and protecting him just like treating treasure. However, other children usually laughed at him and said that he had no parents. Every time they said this, Yuxi would lose his temper, but the next time they still laughed at him this way.、

Child walking alone on the road

Once, on a music lesson, his teacher, who didn’t know the situation of Yuxi, let him sing a children’s song “Mom Is the Best in the World.” As he sang the song, tears were streaming down his face. After returning home, he cried and asked his grandma, “Grandma, other children all have their own mom, but why don’t I have? Was my mom dead?” His grandma hastily embraced and consoled him, saying, “My child, don’t cry. Your mom isn’t dead. When you are little older, your dad will take you to find your mom.” Hearing grandma’s words, Yuxi was very joyful, and he expected to quickly grow up.

Afterward, when Yuxi missed his mom, he would call his dad, hoping that his dad came back and took him to find his mom, but his dad didn’t come back all along. Seeing other children were accompanied by their parents, Yuxi always hid alone to cry miserably. When his grandma saw Yuxi burst into tears, she would also shed tears. She had no choice but pray for Yuxi, and beg God to help this pitiable child.

In a twinkling, Yuxi was nine years old. One day, his grandma asked him, “My child, do you know where did man come from?” Yuxi said, “In class, teachers said that man had evolved from apes and monkeys.” His grandma said, “That’s a falsehood. Why can’t apes and monkeys evolve mankind now? The saying is untenable at all.” Yuxi asked his grandma with confusion, “Where are we from on earth?” His grandma kindly stroked his head, saying, “We mankind was created by God with dust, and our breath is given by God. If God doesn’t give us breath, we won’t be alive. Yuxi, I’ll find a paragraph of God’s word for you. After reading, you’ll understand.” Taking book from his grandma, Yuxi read, “From the moment you come crying into this world, you begin to perform your duty. You assume your role in the plan of God and in the ordination of God. You begin the journey of life. Whatever your background and whatever the journey ahead of you, none can escape the orchestration and arrangement that Heaven has in store, and none are in control of their destiny, for only He who rules over all things is capable of such work. … God created this world and brought man, a living being unto which He bestowed life, into it. In turn, man came to have parents and kin and was no longer alone. Ever since man first laid eyes on this material world, he was destined to exist within the ordination of God. It is the breath of life from God that supports each living being throughout his growth into adulthood. During this process, none believe that man lives and grows up under the care of God. Rather, they hold that man grows up under the love and care of his parents, and that his growth is governed by the instinct of life. This is because man knows not who bestowed life or from whence it came, much less how the instinct of life creates miracles. Man knows only that food is the basis of the continuation of life, that perseverance is the source of existence of life, and that the belief in his mind is the wealth of his survival. Man does not feel the grace and provision from God. Man then squanders the life bestowed upon him by God…. Not one man whom God looks upon day and night takes the initiative to worship Him. God continues to work as He has planned on man for whom He holds no expectations. He does so in the hope that one day, man will awaken from his dream and suddenly comprehend the value and purpose of life, understand the cost at which God has given man everything, and know how fervently God longs for man to turn back to Him.” When Yuxi finished reading the word of God, his grandma said, “My child, the word of God says so clear. It is the life force of God that supports us. Everyone grows up under the care and protection of God. You feel painful for your dad and mom aren’t by your side. However, you must know when you encounter difficulties, your parents are unable to help you and your grandpa and I are also unable to truly help you even if we quite love you. The One who can truly supply and care for you is God. Only God keeps you company all the time and provides assistance whenever you need it. I’m unable to solve your pain, but God’s love can fill you heart and God is capable of helping you grow happily. In the future, when you meet things, you pray to God more. God will listen to your prayers. With the care and protection of God, you’ll have peace and joy, and will happily grow up.”

That day, from God’s word, Yuxi seemed to understand something. He knew his life was given by God, and wasn’t given by his parents. In the past, he always thought only under the care of his dad and mom could he grow up in good health; it turned out that he grew up under the care of God. Understanding these mysteries, he suddenly felt it didn’t matter that his dad and mom didn’t stay with him. Though he still envied other children whose dad and mom were by their side, he didn’t feel lonely any more as he is the child of God’s family.
a fierce dog is running

One night, Yuxi came across a fierce dog, and was scared so that he didn’t dare to make a movement because he was frightened that the dog would run at and bite him. At this time, Yuxi remembered a word which his grandma always told him: When encountering things, you should depend on and look unto God. Then he quickly prayed to God, “Oh, Almighty God! I come across a dog and I’m afraid that it will bite me. Beg you to protect me to walk past it.” After prayer, unexpectedly, Yuxi was calm within, felt no fear, and then he bravely walked past it. Through this experience, Yuxi saw that God can really protect him, and can truly give him power. Afterward, every night Yuxi would watch movies, and dance and song videos of God’s family together with his grandma, and he would read God’s word for her. Through reading God’s word, after a period of time, he had more knowledge of God’s work, and felt joyful for he could believe in God and become a child of God’s family.

Now, every week Yuxi will have meetings, read God’s word, and sing hymns to praise God with other little brothers and sisters. Although his dad and mom don’t keep him company, he no longer feels sad. And he becomes more and more sensible and strong. When other children bullied and laughed at him again, he would pray to God and beg God to help him. Every time God would console him and lead him by word, so his sadness became less and less, and the happiness in his heart more and more. Gradually, he walked out of the haze of having no parents’ company, and then lives in the care of God’s love, eventually having a happy face.

Depending on God

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