He Changed My Attitude Toward Work

By Cindy, USA

A few days ago, I read an article. “God Is My Boss,” one of the subheadings in the article, moved me a lot, and it told: The main character was a journalist. In the past, he had a bad attitude toward his job. From the attendance register, it wrote that he had gone to do interviews, but in fact, he either went to do his part-time job or slept at home. Later, he began to believe in the Lord and was baptized. When reading God’s requirement of man “neither lie one to another,” he knew Christians should be honest. So he prayed to God that he wanted to become an honest person. During his prayer, he realized he had told lies when he worked. Therefore, he summoned the courage to confess his fault to the director and his previous boss. After that, he often practices being an honest person according to God’s word. It is God’s word that has completely changed his attitude toward work. At the end of the year, he received the perfect attendance bonus for the first time. Afterward, even if there is no supervision of his superior and the system of clocking in and out, he can get up early to write at home. He says that God is his boss, and he needs to be responsible to God when he works. Until now, he has been treating his job in this way.

God’s word is really precious! Only one little bit of God’s word can change our attitude toward work, and even our outlook on life and our values, so that we can come out from Satan’s lies and live with the confidence of righteousness, straightforward and honestly. I make my resolution secretly: I will do my work before God and treat God as my boss, for I am also a Christian.

In one afternoon, my colleague Viki sent the paperwork she had organized to me to check. After correcting a few mistakes one by one, I found the title was inappropriate, but I had no inspiration after pondering for a while. So I told Viki to change another title. Then I began to do my own business. After a while, Viki sent another title to me. I let her think about it again when finding the new title was not proper either, and advised her to search for a better idea from the previous paperwork. A while again, she sent me other two titles. After reading them, I thought they were not good enough and told her to think it over. She then felt embarrassed, so she asked me for help. I promised to do that casually. However, my promise was just out of politeness and I didn’t intend to help her to figure out another title.

Before going to bed at night, Viki still didn’t work it out, so that she couldn’t finish this paperwork on time, holding up the progress of work. At this moment, I felt a little guilty in my heart and uneasy because I remembered that I had promised her to search for another title but I didn’t do that. So, I came before God and prayed to Him, “God! Viki asked me to help her figure out another title. But I didn’t do that though I had promised her. God! I told lies and I was not honest. Now I will repent and I am willing to become an honest person, helping Viki to work out another title.” After praying, I thought of God’s requirement of man “neither lie one to another” and the word “God is my boss.” Then I did realize my promise to Viki to help her figure out another title was totally not out of willingness. Because I thought at that time: Since this was her paperwork, it would amount to her achievement even if I worked out the title. Therefore, I would like to do my own business rather than help her. Because of my selfish and crafty disposition, I lied to her. For my interests, I was unwilling to help her, but I ignored the fact that we were partners. Since she let me to check her paperwork, I should be responsible for it and look it as a commission or task God gave to me. And I should deal with this paperwork facing God and accepting His observation, but not focus on making it clear who on earth this paperwork belonged to. Thinking of this, I was willing to help Viki think of another title.

“God is my boss,” the first word I thought of after I woke up the next morning, made me feel joy in my heart. As soon as I came to the office, I prayed to God first and then helped Viki search for another title. I referred to some materials, and also consulted other colleagues. In the end, I chose a title I thought best and sent it to Viki. She was also satisfied with this title. Afterward, I made a little amendment to the end of the article according to the title, and finally, we finished this paperwork together. Beholding this achievement, I felt very happy in my heart, and I also gave the glory to God!

That day, I treated my job according to the faith, “God is my boss.” As a result, I could get along well with colleagues from different departments and we became good partners. We together dealt with many things, discussing solutions and searching for different ideas. Many problems at work could finally be solved when we discussed and communicated together. In this way, not only the work efficiency and quality increased, but the relations between us improved. It’s because of God’s word that I could have a right attitude toward my job and find how to live a life of value and meaning. Thank God!

The Lord Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). God’s word is the foundation of our existence, and also the compass for our actions. If we act according to God’s word, do everything before God and are responsible for each item of work, God will be with us and show us the way to practice. Therefore, we can live with the confidence of righteousness and happily!


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