H7N9 Intensifying: Who Controls Mankind’s Fate?


Presently, Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control announces that since the first human H7N9 avian flu case was discovered on February 11 this year, 7 cases have been reported in Beijing by April 13. One patient was already dead and the others are still being treated.

In 2013, the H7N9 avian flu virus was first confirmed to spread among humans in China. The highest incidence of cases occurred in the following spring and winter. Since last winter, the H7N9 avian flu virus has swept the Mainland China again. According to statistics, 192 Chinese were infected with H7N9 avian flu and 79 died in total in January 2017. Since February, cases have continued to increase, with a total of 77 confirmed cases, including 8 deaths. A total of 460 Chinese have contracted H7N9 avian flu from October 2016. Chinese Health and Epidemic Prevention Department indicates that the human H7N9 avian flu incidence rate and the death toll peak this year.

In these news reports, the death toll is just a seeming figure, which implies living lives end in reality. Same as the frequent earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, famines, floods, droughts in recent years, epidemic cannot be predicted either, much less be resisted. What’s more, the death caused by it is terrifying. One may ask: Why are the viruses, originally spreading among animals, transmitted to man suddenly, with an uncontrollable death rate? Human medicine is able to cure many complicated medical and surgical diseases, but facing the unexpected epidemic, man has no good options, much less can man control its spread. Who controls the time, range and degree of the epidemic outbreak? When I think of this, Almighty God’s words occur to me, “it is God’s authority and God’s mind that give rise to these laws; they will shift and change according to His thoughts, and these shifts and changes all occur or disappear for the sake of His plan. Take epidemics, for example. They break out without warning, no one knows their origins or the exact reasons why they happen, and whenever an epidemic reaches a certain place, those who are doomed cannot escape calamity. Human science understands epidemics to be caused by the spread of vicious or harmful microbes, and their speed, range, and method of transmission cannot be predicted or controlled by human science. Though humanity resists them by every means possible, they cannot control which people or animals are inevitably affected when epidemics break out. The only thing that human beings can do is try to prevent them, resist them, and research them. But no one knows the root causes that explain the beginning or ending of any individual epidemic, and no one can control them.

God’s words solve our puzzle. It is God who controls the range, outbreak time, method of transmission and death toll of epidemic and what kind of people to be destroyed in it. While man can do very little prevention and research by scientific method, man cannot contain the death caused by the epidemic from the root at all, for the disasters are the tools serving God’s work. God warns man with the disasters: Now is the last days when God will reward the good and punish the evil and completely end the corrupt old world dominated by Satan.

Two thousand years ago, the Lord Jesus has prophesied the signs of the last days, “And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that you be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:6-8).

Today, as all manner of disasters take place frequently around the world, the Lord Jesus’ prophecies are coming true one after another. The earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines, epidemics are spreading over more and more regions, which leads to increasingly heavy casualties. The situation of every country is turbulent and the war may be triggered off at any moment. The Lord Jesus returning to flesh warns man again, “In every nation and every place of the world, earthquakes, famines, plagues, and other disasters occur frequently. When I work greatly in every nation and every place, these disasters will be more grievous than ever since the creation of the world. This is the beginning of My judgment upon all peoples. …

From the Lord Jesus’ prophecies and His words after the return, we can affirm that when the disasters in the last days happen frequently, God begins to carry out the work of judgment. This fulfills the prophecy in the Bible, “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God” (1 Peter 4:17). “He that rejects me, and receives not my words, has one that judges him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day” (John 12:48). Nowadays, God has carried out the work of judgment beginning with God’s house through His expression of words. He is now purifying and perfecting His chosen people who accept His work of the last days, and will make a group of overcomers who gain the truth as life, bringing them into the beautiful destination in the end. However, before it, God sends down all sorts of disasters. These sudden disasters have their proper “missions.” They are not only the tools with which God will punish those who engage in evil without repentance, but also the warnings to those who are willing to listen to God’s voice and seek the truth but have not come before God. Before the day God sends down great disasters to destroy Satan, only by seeking God’s work and word in the last days, keeping pace with His work and gaining His judgment and purification can man escape suffering the disaster and obtain God’s compassion and salvation so as to survive forever. As Almighty God says, “All manner of plagues are now breaking out and there are many different kinds of evil spirits. Only I am the true God; only I am your refuge. You can only now hide in My secret place, only within Me, and the disasters will not befall you and no calamity will come near to your tent.

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