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Psalm 9:1 – Give Thanks and Praise to God

I will praise you, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will show forth all your marvelous works.

– Psalm 9:1

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

Throughout his life, King David wrote lots of psalms. It can be said that he praised Jehovah God with all his life. He praised God when he saw God’s wondrous deeds among all things. When he relied on God and saw God’s almightiness and wisdom that helped him won a battle after another, he praised God. When he was punished by God because of his transgressions, he saw God’s righteous disposition and praised God; God still showed him mercy after he repented, he saw God’s love and praised God. … Because David’s heart opened up to God, he received God’s guidance and saw His grace and blessings, thus he always praised God. Just as God says, “When your heart truly opens up to God, you will see that His heart is such an infinite world, and you will enter into a realm you have never experienced before. In this realm there is no cheating, there is no deception, there is no darkness, and no evil. There is only sincerity and faithfulness; only light and rectitude; only righteousness and kindness. It is full of love and care, full of compassion and tolerance, and through it you feel the happiness and joy of being alive. These things are what He will reveal to you when you open up your heart to God. This infinite world is full of God’s wisdom, and full of His omnipotence; it is also full of His love and His authority. Here you can see every aspect of what God has and is, what brings Him joy, why He worries and why He becomes sad, why He becomes angry…. This is what every single person can see who opens up their heart and allows God to come in.” Thanks be to God! No matter blessings or sufferings, or hardships in real life, as long as we open up our hearts to God and accept His sovereignty and arrangements, we will feel happiness and joy. Just as Job said, “Blessed be the name of the LORD.” God is almighty and wise. All mankind should praise what God has and is! Let’s open up our hearts and practically praise God like David. God will give us strength to go through every day.


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Psalm 9-1 - Give-Thanks-and-Praise-to-God

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