Review of The Lies of Communism: Account of the CCP’s Brainwashing —Getting to the Bottom of the CCP’s Brainwashing

By Ouyang Shuo, Czech Republic

The Lies of Communism: Account of the CCP’s Brainwashing poster

In one afternoon, it was raining continuously. Ouyang Shuo gathered together with his several friends at a cafe. During their gathering, they were talking about a latest hit Christian film, The Lies of Communism: Account of the CCP’s Brainwashing. At the same time as getting a laugh, the humorous dialogues also calls for deep reflection. Next are their live dialogues.

Thomas (a Christian): Recently, I watched a film named The Manifesto of Communism … Oh, no, it’s named The Lies of Communism, an actualite which expose the dark inside story of the CCP persecuting religious belief. In the past, I merely heard that the CCP persecutes Christians by arresting, viciously beating, imprisoning and even killing them. I never thought that in order to completely cast out God and truth from the Christians’ hearts, it has actually set up brainwashing classes everywhere in China for them. This method is really despicable.

Xi Zetao (interrupting, disdainfully): I have also seen the film. But, as a communist, I certainly disapprove of the views it conveys.

Thomas (with great interest): Oh? Then, tell us, what’s the view of you communists?

Xi Zetao: I’ve worked as a reporter on… you know, Global Times all these years. According to my knowledge of our Party, how can they be like what the film purports them to be? First, it exactly cannot be called persecution and brainwashing, but the Training Class of Ideological Education on Christians; second, since we were at school, our Party has taught us through its red education that we should love the Party and the country, and be a successor of communism. But these Christians merely believe in God, not in the Party. How can our Party bear their existence? So, to ban them is what our Party fights for all their life. Additionally, mankind has evolved from apes, and God and demons don’t exist at all; moreover, democracy, harmony, freedom, justice, patriotism, and other core communism values, are so well propagandized. Furthermore, there are public slogans that sing praises to our Party everywhere in China, such as “Serve the people,” “To build a harmonious society,” and so on. How loud these slogans are! Our Party’s brilliant image of being great, glorious and correct has already entered into the depths of people’s hearts, how can this film say that our Party persecutes believers in God?

He Ruiyi (a student studying abroad, in mock): Yoo noo! Impressive, Tao. It seems that you are so fixated on the CCP. You’re really a competent mouthpiece of the CCP. Having gone abroad, you still remember to whitewash the CCP.

Xi Zetao (taking it lightly): Of course! Over these years of working on Global Times, I have been telling lies assiduously all long. And I am faithful to our Party. Although telling these lies is somewhat against my conscience, it is all for political purpose.

Ouyang Shuo: You has totally understood the methods by which the CCP deceives Chinese. This is not simple. Since each of us has seen the film, today, let’s get to the bottom of the CCP’s dark inside story through the film, okay? Let’s start from child abuse happened in the Honghuanglan Kindergarten in Beijing, and then the expulsions of “low-end population,” the transaction of forced organ harvesting, the monitoring of all people through their DNA. In addition, the homicide case that occurred in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province on May 28, 2014, the June 4 Incident in 1989, how Communism seeps into China, the inside story of the Communist Party’s origin, and …

Xi Zetao (nervous): Stop, Stop, Stop! Stop it. If you go on with that, the past of the CCP will be fully disclosed, and I’ll be involved in it. Don’t you know that once we get to the bottom of the CCP’s past, those “magnificent” events will be brought to light? Our party is now becoming more and more incapable of maintaining the stability, it is faced with both domestic and foreign troubles. If you go any further with that, all those unpresentable things that they have done secretly will all be exposed; this will greatly embarrass us, who support and follow the CCP.

Thomas: It seems that you still keep your conscience alive. Since that is the case, now let’s talk about the film itself. I think there are several key attractions in it. For example, it makes many people have a new understanding regarding the inside story of the CCP persecuting believers of God as well as a new knowledge of The Church of Almighty God. In addition, it gives us a whole and systematic explication of what religious belief is, what feudal superstition is, what a good religion is and what a cult is, etc. In the film, although the Christians are not tortured for confession, yet the CCP uses all sorts of despicable means to forcibly brainwash them, this is even more brutal. In that environment, if the Christians had no God’s words as a foundation, it would be very difficult for them to overcome it. By then they would really be brainwashed by the CCP.

Ouyang Shuo: Yeah, in the film, to completely destroy the believers’ convictions, the CCP actually makes its officials, the professor of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the lecturer of the police academy, psychologists and others use atheism, materialism, scientific knowledge, traditional culture, and all manners of rumors and ridiculous opinions to brainwash and educate them. It can be seen that in order to maintain its atheistic political regime, the CCP truly has employed all its tricks.

The Lies of Communism: Account of the CCP’s Brainwashing film still
The Lies of Communism: Account of the CCP’s Brainwashing film still

He Ruiyi: For so many years, the CCP has kept saying that there is no God in the world, yet they hang their own portraits on the wall and make people worship them. That they don’t allow people to worship God but to worship themselves clearly illustrates an issue! But let’s return to what we were just discussing. The means of brainwashing is really sinister and despicable. According to Wikipedia, brainwashing is also called mind control. It is the concept that human mind can be altered and controlled by certain systematic techniques. It is said to allow the introduction of new and unwanted thoughts and ideas into subject’s mind so as to change the subject’s attitudes, values and beliefs. This process and the series of the methods adopted are called brainwashing. It is mandatory, sustainable, critical, and isolated from the outside world. And in the film, the CCP comprehensively makes use of these ways to brainwash Christians.

Xi Zetao: Alas, it’s such a shame that to transform these Christians into atheists our Party has put in so much manpower, material, and financial resources, but the result is failure. And I have the same feelings deep inside as Director He Hongchang, “Those who believe in God and those who don’t are two kinds of people and go their separate ways. No one can change anyone else. Referring to the CCP’s theory of Marxism-Leninism and Communism, even we communists don’t believe it, yet we still use it to transform the believers in God. That’s too unrealistic.” Seems like our Party’s theory cannot stand before the truth. A lie will never become the truth even if it is repeated ten thousand times!

He Ruiyi (hitting Xi Zetao lightly on his shoulder): You’ve been lying for so many years, and finally, you lay your heart bare and tell the truth today. It seems you are likely to return to the right path.

He Ruiyi’s words caused a burst of laughter. And Xi Zetao took a cup of coffee attempting to hide his embarrassment.

Thomas: However, the CCP’s brainwashing of Christians doesn’t end with the ending of the film, but it goes on every day. Now the CCP’s shameful acts of persecuting religious belief is becoming ever worse. We must investigate God’s work of the last days at once.

Others echoed and agreed.

Outside the window, the sun had unknowingly broken through the thick clouds and was now shining warm light.


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