I Have Found the Way to Gain the Work of the Holy Spirit by Prayer!

Wang Dan

When I first believed in the Lord, I enjoyed the great pleasure brought by the work of the Holy Spirit. At that time, I saw all had faith, appeared with enthusiasm like a pot of fire, and showed love to each other. No matter what difficulties we encountered, as long as we prayed in the Lord’s name, He would hear our prayers and remove our worries and troubles. And we were often at ease and joyful in our hearts. However, being unable to know the reason, I became negative and weak, and felt my spirit had sunk downward gradually; the co-workers raised jealousy and strife, and formed factions among themselves; the pastors and elders were dull and dry when preaching; the believers could not receive the provision of life, everyone’s heart falling into the world little by little. Faced with this situation, I repeatedly fasted and prayed, breaking down sobbing with tears, to beg the Lord for reviving the church and strengthening the faith of the brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, regardless of how I prayed, I could not sense the slightest degree of the Lord’s being with me. And I felt very confused about it: In the past, when we prayed in the name of the Lord Jesus, He would perform all our prayers for us. Yet, why does the Lord not respond to me now when I pray in His name? Later, even if I sought many times, I could not find out the cause all along.

Until one day, a sister sent me a book, in which I saw two passages of words, “Jesus’ name marked the start of the Age of Grace. When Jesus began to perform His ministry, the Holy Spirit began to testify to the name of Jesus, and the name of Jehovah was no longer spoken of, and instead the Holy Spirit began the new work principally under the name of Jesus. The testimony of those who believed in Him was borne for Jesus Christ, and the work they did was also for Jesus Christ. The conclusion of the Old Testament Age of Law meant that the work principally conducted under the name of Jehovah had come to an end. After this, the name of God was no longer Jehovah; instead He was called Jesus, and from here on the Holy Spirit began the work principally under the name of Jesus.” “In each age and each stage of work, My name is not baseless, but holds representative significance: Each name represents one age. ‘Jehovah’ represents the Age of Law, and is the honorific for the God worshiped by the people of Israel. ‘Jesus’ represents the Age of Grace, and is the name of the God of all those who were redeemed during the Age of Grace. … And so, when the final age—the age of the last days—arrives, My name shall change again. I shall not be called Jehovah, or Jesus, much less the Messiah, but shall be called the powerful Almighty God Himself, and under this name I shall bring the entire age to an end.

From these words, I understood the true reason why the Lord had not heard my prayers. It turned out that there are mysteries of God’s work hidden in it! Here, the words say, “Jesus’ name marked the start of the Age of Grace. When Jesus began to perform His ministry, the Holy Spirit began to testify to the name of Jesus, and the name of Jehovah was no longer spoken of, and instead the Holy Spirit began the new work principally under the name of Jesus.” These words make clear that when God does His new work in a new age, He will use a new name. If we obstinately cling to the previous name of God to pray, He will definitely not listen. Each name of God merely represents the work in that age, not that of other age. So, God takes different names in different ages. Only when we call on God’s name in that age will He listen to our prayers. In the Age of Law, providing that the Israelites prayed Jehovah God, they would have the presence and work of the Holy Spirit and live in God’s blessings. But, no sooner had the Age of Law been brought to an end and the Age of Grace begun, then God carried out His new work under the name of the Lord Jesus. If people did not accept the name of the Lord Jesus, no matter how they prayed the name of Jehovah God when meeting matters, they could not obtain the work of the Holy Spirit, nor would God listen to their prayers. However, those who prayed in God’s new name—the Lord Jesus, were accompanied by the work of the Holy Spirit. Just as when the Lord’s disciples worked and preached, they all prayed in the name of the Lord Jesus and practiced His words, and then they could enjoy peace, joy and the grace in abundance bestowed by the Lord.

Nowadays, when we believers in the Lord still pray to the Lord in His name, we can no longer retrieve the pleasure brought by the work of the Holy Spirit. It is obvious that the work of the Holy Spirit has moved again. As we all know, the Lord Jesus promised that He would come again. Now the last days have already come, and the prophecy in Revelation says, “Him that overcomes will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from my God: and I will write on him my new name” (Rev 3:12). This scripture clearly tells us that God will have a new name. Isn’t the Almighty––the new name mentioned in that book the one predicted in Revelation? There are also many prophecies in Revelation which refer to the name—the Almighty. Such as, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, said the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty” (Rev 1:8). “We give you thanks, O LORD God Almighty, which are, and were, and are to come; because you have taken to you your great power, and have reigned” (Rev 11:17). “Great and marvelous are your works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are your ways, you King of saints” (Rev 15:3). As can be seen, when God works again in the last days He will be called by the name the Almighty, namely Almighty God. Only if we pray in the name of Almighty God will God listen to our prayers. Otherwise, however sincerely we pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, God will not listen. At the moment, I was finally clear about the basic reason for getting no response from the Lord these years, no matter how I had called on His name. Actually, God has done new work, launched a new age and changed a new name. Holding on to God’s former name continually, how can we gain the work of the Holy Spirit? Just as someone worked originally in a hospital, so people addressed him as a doctor. But later he worked as a teacher, accordingly he could no longer be called doctor. Nonetheless, however different his appellations were, he still remained himself.

Under the guidance of God, I saw another passage of words, “And how do you seek being touched by the Holy Spirit? What’s crucial is to live in God’s actual words, and to pray upon the foundation of God’s requirements. Having prayed in this way, the Holy Spirit is sure to touch you. … if you do not pray upon the foundation of the actual words of the Holy Spirit, then there is no possibility of the Holy Spirit touching you. … Today, it is crucial that all people completely pour their hearts into the words of God. Do not focus on the words that were spoken before; if you still hold on to what came before, then the Holy Spirit will not work within you. Do you see how important this is?

These words pointed out another significant principle to me on how to pray to gain the work of the Holy Spirit. This is that praying in accordance with the actual words of God, and that clinging never again to God’s previous words, or else we cannot get the work of the Holy Spirit. For example, in the Age of Law, not only did the Israelites of that time pray Jehovah’s name, but they also practiced the laws and commandments given by Jehovah God to them. Thereby their prayers should be centered on Jehovah God’s requirements to them. This kind of implementation could surely obtain the guidance of Jehovah God and His blessings. Moses was another example. In the process of his leading the Israelites out of Egypt, he prayed in the name of Jehovah God, obeyed God’s words, and then he was accompanied with God’s power, that he displayed various signs and wonders, and saw many wonderful deeds of God. On the contrary, those who had resisted Jehovah’s work, or those who had gone against God’s requirements and frequently complained about Him in the wilderness, as well as the people who had worshiped the two calves of gold were all punished. In the Age of Grace, those who prayed on the basis of the Lord Jesus’ words and practiced His words, would have the work of the Holy Spirit and get His blessings. For instance, the Lord’ disciples spread the gospel and bore witness to God in the Lord’s teachings, often prayed to the Lord when things came up to them, put the Lord’s words into practice, then they could have the work of the Holy Spirit, have the ability to heal the sick and cast out demons along with them, and constantly see the marvelous deeds of God, full of peace and joy in their hearts. Conversely, those chief priests, scribes and Pharisees firmly kept the laws and commandments decreed by Jehovah God, and merely lived their lives before the altar in the temple, only to fall into the darkness, have no work of the Holy Spirit, degrade into a religious organization, and completely lose God’s guide and blessings. Likewise, in the last days, we should not only pray to Almighty God—God’s new name, but surround the will and demands expressed in Almighty God’s present work and words to pray and practice. In this way, we can gain the work of the Holy Spirit, what we pray and practice can be after God’s heart, our prayers can be answered by God, and thus we can regain the work of the Holy Spirit. In addition, when meeting with something hard, we will seek the truth in God’s actual work and words, understand God’s will, find the way of practicing the truth and satisfying God, so that we can act according to God’s present demands when it is in daily life or when fulfilling our duties or when serving God, only through which can we closely follow the footsteps of God, get God’s salvation of the last days, and have hope to be purified and saved by God and be raptured into the kingdom of heaven.

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