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Fleeting Time

An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold, money cannot buy you time.” This idiom is familiar to most people. Its main point is that life passes in a twinkling of an eye and we should cherish the precious time. Every time I read this word, I can’t help looking back to my past dozens of years. All the way to this day, I have lost a lot, but what I have gained truly is not many. So I think that we should even more reflect on our life and consider how to live out a meaningful life in our limited time….

God’s word shows me a way: “At the moment when a person is born, one lonely soul begins its experience of life on earth, its experience of the Creator’s authority which the Creator has arranged for it. Needless to say, for the person, the soul, this is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge of the Creator’s sovereignty, to come to know His authority and to experience it personally. People live their lives under the laws of fate laid out for them by the Creator, and for any rational person with a conscience, coming to terms with the Creator’s sovereignty and recognizing His authority over the course of their several decades on earth is not a difficult thing to do. Therefore it should be very easy for every person to recognize, through his or her own life experiences over the several decades, that all human fates are predestined, and to grasp or to sum up what it means to be alive…. If one views life as an opportunity to experience the Creator’s sovereignty and come to know His authority, if one sees one’s life as a rare chance to perform one’s duty as a created human being and to fulfill one’s mission, then one will necessarily have the correct outlook on life, will live a life blessed and guided by the Creator, will walk in the light of the Creator, know the Creator’s sovereignty, come under His dominion, become a witness to His miraculous deeds and to His authority.” (from Continuation of the Word Appears in the Flesh)

From God’s word, I know God’s will. God created us and has given us the opportunity to know Him, so that we can personally experience His sovereignty and authority, come to know Him, and become witnesses to His authority and miraculous deeds. Such a life is a meaningful life and we should have a goal like that. Are you willing to pursue the meaningful life?

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God’s Will

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