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Yu Chen

In early April this year, more than 90 South Koreans from all walks of life, including Choi Yul, president of the Korea Green Foundation, sued the governments of Seoul and Beijing for the worsening air pollution with the Seoul Central District Court. The lawsuit claimed that China, as a member of the international community, had the obligation to control pollutants at an acceptable level, but it had neglected such duty, so that the fine dust was blown into South Korea and polluted its air. Because of this, the plaintiffs sought 3 million won (US$2,600) each in compensation. It was the first class-action complaint against the neighboring countries in South Korea.

The main factor behind why South Koreans are so interested in this case is that the air quality in the country is especially poor in spring, during which weather forecasting will focus much attention on the strength of western and northwestern winds and the resulting air pollution. In the face of filthy air, South Koreans will easily associate it with the sandstorms, PM 2.5, and pollutants of China. Ahn Kyung-jae, an attorney who filed the case as one of the plaintiffs, said, “If we get down to reducing air pollution now, there is still a chance to improve air quality. But if we stand by and allow it to continue, it is uncertain whether we will be able to clear the air 10 or 20 years later.”

Speaking of air pollution, I cannot help but think of smog, which has been threatening the lives of the Chinese people in recent years. Early this year, it was reported that smog had engulfed 90 percent of China’s territory, including central, northern, southern China and the Pearl River Delta, killing as many as 4,300 people every day. Russia-24, a news channel from Russia, also broadcasted a special “China Chokes on Smog: Over 180 People Dies Every Hour,” stressing that smog had affected 90 percent of China’s territory, particularly some cities. Obviously, air pollution alone is enough to lead to the destruction of all mankind, apart from water pollution and other forms of pollution.

China's smog
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Then what accounts for the continued and exacerbated air pollution and other forms of pollution since people have already realized that environmental pollution can prove fatal? Take China as an example. China’s air pollution results from the fact that in recent years the CCP has wantonly exploited mineral resources and set up diverse chemical factories to advance the development of science and economy. A large amount of toxic pollutants emitted by chemical factories destroys the living environment for man, bringing endless disaster to Chinese at the same time as implicating the neighboring countries and even influencing the global climate. However, in order to satisfy its own selfish desires—to extract as much financial gain as possible, the Communist government, under the banner of driving the economy and promoting scientific learning, carries out willful devastation and exploitation of the living environment God bestowed upon man and totally ignores its fatal harm to human lives. On the outside, the economic construction, including opening chemical factories, seems to have improved people’s material living standards, but actually it has brought serious damage to the natural environment of humans. The internal organs of man have been tainted, and various infectious diseases, pestilences, smog are spreading over a larger area, which man has already been unable to control. Just as what the attorney Ahn Kyung-jae was worried about, if we allow this situation to continue, will we still have the ability to tackle environmental pollution 10 or 20 years later? In fact, the consequence can prove far more serious than Mr. Ahn’s concern, which can be seen from the harm of smog in China in recent years. As is clear, the ruling of corrupt men can only bring destruction and disasters to humanity, and all the countries in the world have suffered the disastrous consequence of environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution is endangering everyone’s life and living conditions. Then, what course shall we take in the face of the worsening pollution? There is little payoff in calling for people’s attention and issuing laws, and they cannot fundamentally solve this problem. The only solution is that we should stop our destruction of the environment, return our hearts to God, worship God, and live according to God’s word and requirements. Only then can we live under God’s care and protection, escape disasters, and lead a happy life. God alone has the authority and power of ruling over all things, He controls all things and can change everything. Hence, only God can turn this situation around. Apart from God, there is no country or president that can control or change the status quo of us human beings, or bring us true happiness and safety.

In the end, I’d like to share some words: “Why has man found himself in his current environmental predicament? Is it because of man’s greed and destruction? If man ends this destruction, won’t the living environment gradually right itself? If God does nothing, if God no longer wishes to do anything for mankind—that is to say, He doesn’t want to intervene—the best method would be for mankind to stop this destruction and return things to how they were. Putting an end to all this destruction means to stop the plundering and devastation of the things God has created. This will allow the environment where man lives to gradually improve. Failure to do so will result in further destruction of the environment and it will only become more serious.” “So what sort of attitude should man have toward all things? (Treasure them.) Treasure them, protect them, make use of them efficiently, do not destroy them, do not waste them and do not change them on a whim, for all things are from God and are provided to mankind and mankind must treat them conscientiously” (“God Himself, the Unique VII”).

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