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We believers in God don’t participate in politics, but only perform our duty.

We believers act totally according to God’s word, the truth, and God’s requirement. We neither participate in politics, nor launch any political movements. The least requirement of God to us believers in Him is that we pursue and practice the truth, not follow the evil trend of the world to do evil as the corrupt mankind does, and that we do things good for others, perform-duty_preaching-the-gospeland be salt and light. In addition, another duty of us created beings is to carry out the will of God. As we have received God’s salvation, it is our responsibility and obligation to preach the gospel and testify God, so that all who don’t believe in God and who don’t know or understand God can come before God to investigate the true way, accept the truth, and receive salvation. This is God’s commission to us, and is the true significance of our performing the gospel-preaching duty.

Our preaching the gospel to testify God is totally unrelated to politics. We don’t have any political intention or motivation, nor have the purpose to overthrow a certain government or party. We preach the gospel for the sole purpose that corrupt mankind can come before God, accept God’s work in the last days, and be granted salvation, that in the end all of us will lead a good and dignified life and will live in the light, free from the dark and evil influence, and for the purpose that the human society will enjoy God’s care, protection, and blessings. It’s not at all a political demand that we bring people before God for them to accept God’s work and receive God’s salvation. God never says anything that moves His chosen people to overthrow or disclose the CCP. What God expresses is all the truth, and all of them are the words that expose man’s corrupt substance, the words that save, change, and perfect man and make man know and obey God. Everything we do is based on God’s word and His requirements. Our church never launches any political activities, nor do we have any political slogans. Our church life is just about fellowshiping the truth and knowing our true self, which is only for us to gain the truth, obey God, live out the likeness of a real man, and be saved by God. We do not have the slightest interest in politics. Politics is not a positive thing, much less the truth. Engagement in politics cannot grant us the truth, much less can it bring us God’s blessings. We’ve never heard God has ever approved of any politician, from ancient times to the present. Seeking after politics can’t get man saved. Men in the official circle will only become more and more corrupt and evil, which is obvious to all. Therefore, we believers in God never engage in politics, much less have any political petition, for we are perfectly clear that only believing in God can make us better and have more humanity, conscience and sense. If we can truly believe in God and pursue the truth, we will definitely be able to live out the likeness of a real man. This is the standard for man’s salvation.

Our gospel-preaching work is definitely for mankind to accept God’s work and thus be granted salvation. This is something most beneficial to human society, and is the only effective way to change the dark and evil of the human society, because God is the Creator, and only God can save corrupt mankind. Our purpose in preaching the gospel and testifying God is that all mankind will recognize and come before the Creator and worship Him, the only true God. This is the way by which mankind is blessed, and much more the way by which they are saved. Only if mankind believes in God and accepts God’s salvation can the problem of the world’s darkness and evil be resolved at the bottom. Nowadays, the world is getting darker and more evil, and mankind is getting increasingly corrupted; society is morally bankrupt, and the worldly trend slides over downward. accept-almighty-gods-word_gospelTo solve these problems, man needs to believe in God, accept God’s word, God’s work, and God’s judgment and chastisement, so as to gain the truth from God’s word. Only then can man root out the problem of their corruption. So, preaching the gospel is a must and the only way for the stability of the society and the happiness of mankind. Therefore, for mankind to get true happiness and the society to reach long-term order and stability, there is only one way for them: to accept God’s work and receive God’s salvation. Except for this, there is no other way. We cannot expect any country or party to save mankind, much less expect any politician, litterateur, or thinker to save corrupt mankind, for corrupt man doesn’t have such ability, and none of them can turn things around. Only the Creator—the only true God possesses the power to save mankind. So, our preaching the gospel is of the greatest benefit to the stability of the society and the happiness of mankind. It’s the most meaningful thing. We believe all those who have sense and conscience and who have a sense of justice will support us in preaching the gospel and will approve of our viewpoint. Preaching the gospel to testify God is the need of people and the need of society, which is completely the righteous cause.

Because of accepting Almighty God’s word, experiencing His judgment and chastisement, and then understanding the truth, we begin to preach the gospel and bear testimony to God’s work in the last days, so that corrupt mankind will come before God and receive God’s salvation. This is the duty of us believers. The purpose of our preaching the gospel is to preach the true way of salvation to man, and cause man to accept the true way and be granted salvation by God in the last days. This is our truest love. It’s a real good deed to bring people the good news that can help them escape the disaster and get them saved, which is generally acknowledged. The kingdom gospel of the last days we preach is of great benefit to man. It is right and proper that as a ruling party, no matter legal or illegal, the CCP should at least do some practical things or resolve some practical problems for people, and make people enjoy a good and prosperous life. But why is the CCP not only derelict in its duty, but also conscienceless and cold-blooded to persecute and arrest us? Isn’t it running counter to right principles and acting against Heaven? Why can’t the CCP follow Heaven’s will and people’s hearts? Why does it adore evil and resist righteousness instead? Isn’t it inhuman? During the process of preaching the gospel and performing their duties, many of God’s chosen people put aside their fleshly comforts and enjoyment. Regardless of whether it’s rain or shine, cold winter or hot summer, they consistently preach God’s kingdom gospel in the last days. Even if they are confronted with vicious slanders, rejection, beating, and curse from others, or even they are arrested and persecuted by the government, they still persist in performing their duty. They have done all they are called upon to do. No matter whether others accept or not, we just fulfill our responsibility and show our love. If we know the true way but don’t preach or testify it, we’ll feel no peace in heart, and it’s unfair to others either. So, all that we do is evangelize and testify God to make people know the true way and the way to be saved in the last days. This is the duty we ought to fulfill. Our preaching the gospel and performing the duty are definitely not engaging in politics, much less disturbing the social order; rather, we are preparing good deeds, which is totally for the people to live with happiness and dignity. This is the fact.

However, the CCP, in order to deceive and cheat Chinese people, distorts the fact and confounds black and white. It alleges that God’s church is man’s organization and that the normal church life is illegally disturbing the social order, which is the habitual statement and strategy by which the CCP resists God and brutally persecutes God’s church. The Church of Almighty God is not man’s organization but God’s church. Each new stage of God’s work brings the establishment of the church. The Church of Almighty God came into being as the result of the appearance and work of God incarnate in the last days. It is composed of those who accept Almighty God’s word and work in the last days. And it was established by Christ of the last days—Almighty God Himself, and it is also shepherded and led by Him personally. It wasn’t founded by any man. What comes from man is organization; what comes from God is not organization but church. Church is a place where God reigns, God’s word reigns, and the truth reigns, which is not ruled by any man. God’s chosen people in the Church of Almighty God are praying in the name of Almighty God, following, obeying, and worshiping Almighty God, without the restraint of any leaders. They do things only based on God’s word, the truth, and God’s requirements. The church’s principle of acting is according to God’s word, the truth, and the work arrangements from the Above.

However, it’s inevitable that among the believers in God, there are always a small portion who don’t truly believe in God or pursue the truth. Such people’s actions and deeds don’t accord with the truth at all. They act completely according to their notions and imaginations, and don’t abide by the work arrangement and principles in the church at all. So, their deeds don’t represent the Church of Almighty God but represent themselves only. And the church never acknowledges their deeds, either. But even if their deeds are not compatible with the truth, they can’t count as evil or crime. The Church of Almighty God always advocates preaching the gospel and testifying God in a peaceful and reasonable manner. As for few individuals who are expelled and who take radical measures in order to show their repentance, their actions don’t represent the Church, much less have the support or encouragement from the Church. It’s totally their individual action.

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