Colombia Landslides and Mudslides: Sudden Disasters Reshow God’s Warning

In Putumayo, Colombia on March 31, days of torrential rains triggered landslides and mudslides. The sudden disaster destroyed a lot of local houses instantly. Several overflowing rivers caused by the persistent intense rains surged through the buildings and roads in the capital, Mocoa. The residential area video provided by the Colombia’s military indicated that avalanche of water carrying mud and debris swept away many houses, bridges, cars and trees in a twinkling. The city’s streets were filled with mud and fleeing residents. After the disaster, some people wailed and searched for their surviving family members.

As the landslides and mudslides happened suddenly at midnight, most residents were sleeping and there was hardly any time for them to transfer. So, it led to heavy casualties and the majority were children, women and the elderly. The president of Colombia went to the disaster area personally and declared a state of emergency, mobilizing all the rescue operations. The Red Cross in Colombia reported on April 1 that 154 people were dead, 220 missing and at least 400 injured and that the death toll would continue to rise quickly and significantly.

After a browse of the internet news, the shattered disaster scenes and the gruesome casualty figures leapt out at me successively. Seeing the dead people in the mudslides and those who wail for their dead family members, I once again feel that mankind is so fragile and powerless before the unexpected and irresistible disasters. Before the sudden disasters, from the ruler of the country all the way down to the common people, have they reflected on those questions? Why are there so many disasters today, in the last days? Where do the disasters come from with the gruesome rising toll of death? Who controls the time, place and intensity of the disasters? It makes me impossible not to think of God’s admonitions, “The disaster is brought down by Me and of course orchestrated by Me. If you cannot work for good in My presence, then you will not escape suffering the disaster.” “None know that the repeated reminders and exhortations of God are because He holds in His hands an unprecedented disaster that He has prepared, one that will be unbearable for the flesh and soul of man. This disaster is not merely a punishment of the flesh but of the soul as well. You must know this: When the plan of God is made void and when His reminders and exhortations beget no response, what anger will He unleash? This will be like nothing that has heretofore been experienced or heard by any creation. And so I say, this disaster is unprecedented and will never be repeated. This is because only one creation and one salvation are within the plan of God. This is the first time and also the last. Therefore, none can comprehend the kind intention and fervent anticipation of God for mankind’s salvation.

The occurrence of disasters is God’s warning to corrupt mankind, because people at this time is as evil and violent as those in the time of Noah. Mankind is corrupted by Satan to such degree that they no longer love the truth and the positive things which are from God but follow and adore the evil. There are all kinds of varieties of amusement parks, alluring and bewitching, with music and dancing night after night. Moreover, people struggle for fame and fortune and intrigue against each other and harm each other. Mankind who falls in the sin brims with satanic poisons. People all don’t know who the true God is and who the Creator is. They would rather worship false gods than not deny the existence of the true God. Some people only busy themselves with pursuing the worldly material enjoyments and don’t care where God utters His voice and where God works to save man. Some people resist and condemn God’s utterances in the last days wantonly after hearing them. Some people hear some rumors and fallacies from Satan against God and His work and agree with them. As they are disturbed and hindered by the contemporary Pharisees, antichrists in the religious world, are deceived by the rumors crafted by the atheistic CCP government or listen to the remonstrations of the unbelieving relatives and friends, some people who have accepted God’s salvation in the last day abandon the true way and push away and shut the door on God’s grace of salvation. When facing God’s admonitions and warnings of various disasters, if all those who haven’t accepted or refuse God’s work in the last days don’t turn to God, their outcome will be more miserable than those people who died in the flood in the time of Noah.

God is holy in substance and doesn’t allow the filthiness to exist. God will descend disasters to destroy the brood of Satan who resist Him and remain impenitent. But the destruction of man is not the only purpose when God comes to the world in the last days. Before the great disasters come, God will still to the greatest extent possible save every person who is willing to drop the violence in their hands, repent to God truly and accept the truth. For God says, “When humanity was full of corruption and disobedient toward God to a certain extent, God had to, because of His disposition and His essence, and in accordance with His principles, destroy this humanity. But because of God’s essence, He still pitied mankind, and even wanted to use various ways to redeem mankind so they could continue to live. Instead, man opposed God, continued to disobey God, and refused to accept God’s salvation, that is, refused to accept His good intentions. No matter how God called to them, reminded them, supplied them, helped them, or tolerated them, man did not understand or appreciate it, nor did they pay attention. In His pain, God still did not forget to give man His maximum tolerance, waiting for man to turn around. After He reached His limit, He did what He had to do without any hesitation. In other words, there was a specific time period and process from the moment God planned to destroy mankind to the official start of His work in destroying mankind. This process existed for the purpose of enabling man to turn around, and was the last chance God gave to man. So what did God do in this period before destroying mankind? God did a significant amount of reminding and exhorting work.” “Only I am the true God; only I am your refuge. You can only now hide in My secret place, only within Me, and the disasters will not befall you and no calamity will come near to your tent.

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