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Christmas Realization

By Jiajin

The annual Christmas has arrived. As a Christian, I go to church with my family and welcome the bells of Christmas Eve like many others do. At this moment, the crowd joyfully praise the Lord for His humbleness and greatness, which is shown by His being born in a manger when He came to redeem man. And they also exchange the best happy New Year greetings and wishes. For many people, it is the happiest time. However, surrounded by the strong festive atmosphere, I thought in my heart: For us, it is the happiest time to be immersed in the warmth of the Lord’s love. But when was the happiest time to the Lord Jesus? Several years passed, yet I still didn’t get a definite answer. Later, I accepted the God’s work of last days and found the answer from His words. The answer makes me feel God’s heart is so beautiful and good and is so worthy for man to taste and care for.

God says, “When the Lord Jesus was baptized and formally began to do His work and perform His ministry, God’s heart was extremely happy, because after having waited and prepared for so many years, God finally could put on a normal human flesh and begin to do His new work in the image of a man who had blood and flesh and who could be seen and touched by man. He finally could speak with man face to face and have a heart-to-heart talk with man face to face in the capacity of a man, and He finally could be face to face with man in human language and in a human way, could supply man or guide and help man in human language, could eat at the same table and live in the same space with man, and also could look at mankind, look at things, and look at everything in a human way and even with human eyes. These, to God, meant that His work in the flesh had succeeded in the first battle, or it could be said to have been crowned with success. That was certainly the happiest thing to God. From that moment, God felt for the first time a kind of comfort for His working among men. All this happened so practically and so naturally, and the comfort God felt was so real. This is because to mankind, whenever God accomplishes a stage of new work and whenever God feels gratified, it is the time mankind can come nearer to God and is also the time man comes closer to being saved; to God, it is the time His new work can be carried out and His management plan progresses forward, much more the time His will can come closer to complete accomplishment. It is fortunate and great to mankind that such an opportunity comes to them. To all those waiting for God’s salvation, it is extremely good news.” Actually, the happiest thing to the Lord Jesus was that He could live in the same space with man in the capacity of a man, and have heart-and-heart talks with man, face to face, so that He could supply, enlighten, and help them in human language and in a human way. Thus, man no longer stayed at a respectful distance from God who was in the heaven and far away from them, but could become closer to Him, accept His salvation, and truly taste His sincere feelings toward them. Then, I find how practical and normal the Lord Jesus incarnate was! He had the happiest times. But when did He feel most distressed? This is what a Christian who seeks to repay God’s love should feel. Before, I thought the most painful thing to the Lord was that He, in order to save mankind, had no place to lay His head and rest, underwent all manners of humiliations and afflictions, and was eventually crucified by those who resisted Him. Can we find the definite answer in the words of God?

Later, I read God’s words, “When God is incarnated and lives among men, what is the suffering God’s flesh undergoes? Does anyone truly know it? Some people say, ‘God has suffered so greatly. He is God Himself, but no one knows His substance, and people always treat Him as a man, making Him feel hard done by and wronged. God has really suffered so greatly.’ Some say, ‘God is innocent and sinless, but He undergoes the same sufferings as man. He is suffering persecutions, slanders, and insults with men, and meanwhile He is enduring the misunderstanding and disobedience of His followers. The sufferings God has undergone are really innumerable.’ It can be seen that you do not truly know God. Actually these sufferings you say are not real sufferings to God, because there is something more bitter than these…. When God is incarnated as a common and normal person, He lives among men and lives together with mankind. As for men’s styles, rules, and ideas of living, can’t God see and feel them? What does He feel about these styles and rules of living? Does He loathe them in His heart? Why does He loathe them? What are mankind’s styles and rules of living? On what principles are they based? What is their basis? Mankind’s life styles, their rules of living, and so on come into existence based on Satan’s logic, knowledge, and philosophy. The mankind who lives under such rules of living has no humanity or truth, and they all go against the truth and are hostile to God. Then let’s look at God’s substance. God’s substance is just opposite to Satan’s logic, knowledge, and philosophy. His substance is full of the reality of all positive things, such as righteousness, truth, holiness, and so on. When the God with such substance lives among such a mankind, what is His feeling in the heart? Isn’t His heart full of suffering? His heart suffers, and this suffering no one understands and no one can feel. This is because what He faces, contacts, hears, sees, and experiences are all mankind’s corruption and evil and their disobedience and resistance against the truth. Everything from man is the cause of His suffering. In other words, because He is different from corrupt mankind in substance, mankind’s corruption becomes the source of His greatest suffering. When God is incarnated, can He find a person who has a common language with Him? He cannot find one among mankind. Since He cannot find among mankind one who can communicate and commune with Him, what do you think God’s heart feels? What man talks about, what man likes, and what man pursues and yearns for are all related to sins and related to evil trends. When God is faced with all these, doesn’t He feel as if a knife were being twisted in His heart? As He is faced with these things, can His heart be happy? Can His heart be comforted? Those He lives with are the mankind full of disobedience and evil, so how could His heart not suffer? As to how great such suffering is, who has ever cared about it? Who has ever paid attention to it? And who can feel it? God’s heart man cannot understand, and God’s suffering man can even less feel. Man’s indifference and numbness add more suffering to God’s suffering.” My eyes moistened when I read these words. In order to redeem mankind, the Lord Jesus came to the world and underwent all manners of sufferings. But the greatest suffering to the Lord was not that He had no place to lay His head and rest, or suffered from the misunderstanding, disobedience, slander, and insult of corrupt mankind, but was that He personally saw man was controlled and trapped by Satan, living in the sinful trend and unable to get free. From the Lord Jesus’ happiest and saddest things which God expressed, I’ve truly sensed that God’s pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy are all because of mankind and are the expressions and manifestations of God’s inherent substance, which are full of God’s eager expectation that mankind can break free from sins earlier. Today, God has returned in the flesh to be with man face to face, share sorrows and sufferings with man, and express many truths to supply and purify man. After experiencing God’s word and work, man will feel and appreciate God’s good and kind heart more truly and thus turn their hearts to God, reject Satan completely, get free from the state of repeatedly sinning and confessing, and finally be saved. Only then will it be the time God feels happiest.

Let me share with you a video about the expression of God’s disposition and God’s heart to man: How Important God’s Love for Man Is

Christmas Devotional

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