A Prayer of Gratitude – Short Thanksgiving Prayer

If you have anything to pray or give thanks to God after watching this thanksgiving video, please feel free to leave messages to us!Let’s give thanks and praise to our Almighty Father, Creator of all things in heaven and earth! The Covenant of Rainbow In “Rainbow Covenant”, collects true experiences..

Sweetness in Adversity (Christian Persecution Movie)

Han Lu is a leader of the Church of Almighty God in the Chinese mainland. She has believed in God for over a decade and has experienced the work of Almighty God in the last days. She understands some truths and knows that it is only through Christ of the..

The Partner Is a Helper

Vera A cluster of crabs were moving on the beach. Meanwhile, a seabird hunting for food straightly flew down. The second before a little crab was about to be the food in the seabird’s mouth, all crabs lined together and then raised their pincers, pointing them at the seabird. We..

There Is a Love That Is Called “Pain”

There Is a Love That Is Called “Pain”

There is a love that is called “pain.” Perhaps you are competent, but you are always serving others, while someone else who is very cowardly has been taken care of. You may have experienced many hardships and are no stranger to tribulations, but the one you are most familiar with..

An Animated Short Film About Video Game Addiction – GLUED

This is a story about a mother and her son. The mother tried many ways to help her son get rid of the control of video games for his healthy growth, but all these ways are in vain. In modern society, evil trends such as video games occur continually. Many..