Miscellaneous Questions

Gospel Forum: God’s Words and Man’s Words in Accord With the Truth

Are spiritual figures’ words truth? Can you tell the difference between God’s words and the words of spiritual figures? Let’s read the “Gospel Forum”: “God’s Words and Man’s Words in Accord With the Truth” and find the answer after a heated debate. By Xiaojie Xia Li seeking the light: Hello,..

Why is God frenziedly resisted and desperately condemned by the religious world each time He does a stage of work of a new age? What is the root?

The answer from God’s word: “The reason that man opposes God stems, on the one hand, from the corrupt disposition of man, and on the other hand, from ignorance of God and lack of understanding of the principles of God’s work and His will toward man. These two aspects merge..

The religious world started to resist the incarnate Christ right from the Age of Grace. Why is Christ always resisted and condemned by the religious world?

The answer from God’s word: “Foolish and ignorant men often regard the normal humanity of Christ as a flaw. No matter how He expresses and reveals the being of His divinity, man is unable to acknowledge that He is Christ. And the more that Christ demonstrates His obedience and humility,..