Inspiration From Stories

The Shot in the Kaibab Forest – Inspiration From Stories

by Zhixin Maybe you have ever heard a story like this: In the Kaibab Forest, there was a herd of deer, and also a pack of fierce wolves which always sought opportunities to kill the deer. The locals were full of pity for the deer, so they often took guns..

God’s Goodwill Behind Things

by Li Yang, Shaanxi Yesterday, I saw a story on the Internet. A young man went home on horseback happily after earning a great deal of money outside. When he got halfway, it rained heavily. He was drenched to the skin, and then complained that the weather was not cooperative...

Do You Know How God Answer Your Prayers?

by Wang Nan Many brothers and sisters in the Lord have such confusion: “I also sincerely prayed to the Lord, but it seemed that the Lord did not listen to and answer my prayers.” We are often confused by this. How can this happen? Is the Lord not the One..

Let the Lord Live in Your Heart: The Story of Ten Rooms

Do you have many problems that you cannot overcome despite your strong desire to achieve that? Are you struggling with anxiety, concern, and temper every day? Here is a story. There was once a young man who owned a very beautiful villa with ten rooms. He was quite pleased to..

Give up, and You Will Gain

Qin Fei What to choose and what to give up in life are really important. As many people know, one has to give up something before he gains. But in all one’s lifetime, it is the most difficult thing to manage the two words—“give up” and “gain.” One day, I..