God Is Right by My Side

Guozi    United States I was born into a Christian family, and both my grandmother and my mother are Christians. When I was one year old, my mother accepted the work of Almighty God—the returned Lord Jesus, which was strongly opposed by my grandmother. In my childhood, I remember, my..

Satan’s Books Can Poison Us


Peihe    Xianning City, Hubei Province I always believed that my husband and I passed our lives “with our faces to the soil and our backs to the sun” because we didn’t study enough when we were young, and because we had no knowledge. That’s why I decided that no matter how..

I Have Found True Love

I Have Found True Love I was born into a family particularly preferring sons over daughters. Although I was the only daughter in my family, in my memory, I not only never tasted the care and love of my parents, but was always neglected and snubbed. In order to win..