Life Experience

How to Miraculously Survive After Snake Bite

by Fang Xia I am a Christian. I live in a famous tourist resort, a place where the air is fresh and the sight is beautiful with mountains and rivers, and which attracts lots of visitors from home and abroad to come to visit it. We local people enjoy the..

God Is With Me: Loving Guarding

by Xinzhi When I was young, my family was poor. My mother had mental illness, so the heavy burden of my family fell upon my father alone. He had traveled many places to seek a cure for my mother’s illness but to no avail. At that time I thought: I..

An Experience of Repentance: The Day I Obtained Release

by Congxin I was born in a poor family which is in a remote mountain village. To bring my two brothers and me up, my parents were heavily in debt, thus my neighbors all looked down on us. After dropping out at the age of fourteen, I worked from dawn..

The Charms of Rice Flowers

God's Creation: The Charms of Rice Flowers

by Liang Hui One weekend morning, while tidying up my child’s desk, I was attracted by a little story in a magazine about rice flowers, the lotuses in full bloom in a pond, and an old willow tree. The lotuses in the pond looked down on rice flowers because the..